Why I'm glad I sold my Apple stock...

Today's update comes from a report by Heather Mcgowan to the good folks at MacInTouch.com (direct link: http://www.macintouch.com/readerreports/iphone/index.html#item.48909)

Diary of an iBrick

June 29th-8:30pm purchased 8G Iphone at the Apple Store-Chestnut Hill

June 29th-9pm-completed activation in Itunes, Your activation will complete in 6 minutes

June 29th 9:20 Your activation requires additional time. You will receive an email at xxx@xxx.com when your activation is complete

June 30th- Your activation requires additional time. You will receive an email at xxx@xxx.com when your activation is complete

July 1st 4:30pm-visited AT&T Store in Dedham, MA. We cant do anything about that. You should go to the Apple Store, it is their responsibility

July 2nd-9am-called the AT&T transfer team (1-888-898-7685).

Automated System-We have no record of your account, please hold while we transfer you to a customer care agent. We are experiencing unusually high call volumes, your expected wait time is 14 minutes

July 2nd 9:20- Speak to person #1 to which all information was given-number on the account, social, billing address, IMEI number and SIM card number. SIM card number required removing SIM card, which is not designed for removal with a paperclip. Person #1 I am going to send this right over to our escalation team which is managed by our vice president. Your phone should be activated within 3 hours. If more time is needed you will receive a call shortly

July 2nd 12:30pm Iphone still an Ibrick-called AT&T again and remained on the phone for 3 hours.

12:30- all information was given again, no record of prior call

Person #2 you should try canceling your activation and trying to activate under a new number then we can port your old number (T-Mobile) over.

Me-How do I cancel the activation process?

Hold on while I transfer you

On Hold-listening to AT&T describe their fabulous service

Person #3 You should NOT cancel the activation process as your Tmobile number will be lost and unrecoverable. Hold on let me transfer you.

Person #4 Can I just get your social security number, your IMEI number and your Sim card number? What is your mailing address? What is your mobile number again. Ok, now is your phone working?

Me-NO that is why I am calling you

Person #4 Hold on let me look at your records. Did you enter a credit approval at the time you entered yor information into Itunes?

Me-NO, where would I have gotten credit approval?

Person #4 They should have run a credit check on you when you bought your phone at the store.

Me- No they didnt, I bought it at the Apple store.

Person #4 They should have, it would be on your receipt.

Me-Ok, I have my receipt where would it be?

Person #4 -I dont know, I have never seen a receipt.

Me-Ok, I will read you all the numbers on the receipt.

Person #4-No, none of those numbers are the right number of numbers. I think you need this credit approval for your activation to begin. Did you get to the end and were you told of any errors

Me-I got through the activation and it told me it needs more time. Did you activate a phone as part of your training?

Person #4-no we were not trained on how to activate the phone. We did not go through the process in itunes. Perhaps you should reset it and start the process all over. Push the rest button

Me-where is it?

Person #4-I have no idea, I have never seen a real iphone

Me- you dont have an iphone? You have never held one or even a fake one to know where the buttons are?

Person #4-no they would not let us see the phone.

Me-how can you try to help if you have never seen the phone. You dont know what you are doi ng do you?

Person #4-(voice shaking) let me transfer you

Person #5- Hi can I have your social security number, billing address, mobile phone number, IMEI number, and SIM card number? How can I help you today?

Me-I am trying to activate my iphone

Person #5 we have no record of you in our system. You need to go to an AT&T store to get your account set up. Because it is the iphone we cannot do it over the phone.

Me- can you call the AT&T store in Dedham to confirm this before I go there as I went on Sunday and they said they can not help and they gave me this number

Person #5-ok, please hold

Person #5 Ok, I was wrong about that I was just advised this is apples problem. Please go to your nearest apple store

Me-here is the number from the apple store where I bought it, can you please call them and confirm that if I go there they can actually help?

Per son #5 Ok, hold on

Person #5-Ok I was wrong about that too, they said it is our responsibility and you must be lost in the system. Hold on while I check on something

Person #5, Ok, I have done all I can do here I am going to transfer you to someone else

Person #6-Ok can I have your mobile number, IMEI number, SIM card number, billing address and social security?

Me-yes but I have given that several times

Person #6-all our departments are separate so I have no records on you. I dont know what they told you but I am going to try and help

Information given

Person #6-Ok, it seems you are not in our system. I can tell by searching your social that you do in fact exist, it is not a fake social but I cant find your in our billing which means an account has not been set up yet. The request may be between Tmobile and us but I have no way of knowing

Me- can I call Tmobile, will they know or can they help?

Person #6-no, they have nothing to do with this

Me-OK so who is actually responsible

Person #6- you are

Me-how is that? I filled out the activation and I have now spent nearly 3 hours being passed around your various fragmented departments

Person #6-ok maybe we are responsible but I dont know where you are. I am going to take these notes and send your information to our escalation team. They should be back to you in 3-5 hours

Me- I was told that at 9am this morning

Person #6-honestly I have no way of assuring you anyone will call you

Me-so I am completely wasting my time

Person #6-I dont know what to tell you I am just going to pass this on to the escalation team and I will note your frustration. I am sorry for any inconvience this has caused you. Hold on while I type up these notes

20 minutes on hold

Person #6-ok I have passed this on, someone should call you

Me- can I speak to your supervisor

Person #6- My supervisor can not help you

Me- Can I speak to your supervisor

Person #6-(hostile) hold on

Supervisor (surly) How can I help you?

Me-I have been on the phone with various departments for over 3 hours. No one can help me. What is going on?

Supervisor (angry) we have done all we can for you. You are not the only person with this problem. You are just going to have to wait like everyone else.

6:45pm (AT&T customer service shuts at 7pm), left my house after waiting since 9am for a call back

6:48PM cingular wireless called, no message and the number is a non working number, please call back between 7am and 7pm

July 2nd

8:00 am- called AT&T customer service

We are experiencing unusually high c all volumes, please call back. If you want to wait your expected wait time is 15 minutes

8:25 Person #7- How can I help you? Please give me your mobile number, no record of you in our system.

Me-do you have notes from yesterday? I spoke to your office at 9am then again from 12:30 to 3:40. I was told twice they would send my concerns to the escalation team and my issue would be resolved and I will receive a call back in 3-5 hours.

Person #7-we are having so many problems I cant even tell you. There are thousands of problems with our systems and our servers are very backed up. Can I get your social, SIM card number, IMEI number and billing address?

Me- YES (frustrated)

Person #7-ok I am going to make a note of this and send it to our escalation team. I have to be honest with you it could be 24-48 hours before they even call you back.

9:00 Call Apple Care line

Person #8- This is A T&Ts fault. This is a network problem. We can help you once your phone is activated. Have you kept your phone tethered to the computer? If you unplug it even once you could have missed your activation.

Me-I was told by AT&T to unplug it a couple of times yesterday to reset it

Person #8-that is completely wrong. You might have missed your activation. I really cant help you until it is activated. This is AT&Ts network

I hung up, I couldnt listen any more

So I have a beautiful I-brick and if it ever works I will be charged $36 for activation.


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