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Model Rocket Video Camera Australia Cool!!! Fun stuff going on "down under".


Brian Hall: ColorServe An excellent little utility for setting HTML color codes.


GPS Jammers Raise Concern - Computerworld Check... Checkmate...


Master Caster - Sam's Toybox Oh, do I remember this toy! I remember every part of it -- the axles (which would get bent after awhile), the smell of the wax, opening the box on our kitchen floor when my parents had it waiting for me as a surprise one day when I came home from school. I first spotted it at the Ace Hardware on Grand Ave. in St. Paul. Ah, to be young again!!!

NBC Media Village I've -got- to watch this! I've been pondering that needle video in the show open for months!


San Francisco Sidewalk Astronomers I wonder if this works in the Twin Cities?

Uh-oh: Spam's getting more sophisticated - Computerworld You know, if I weren't an ethical person, I'd probably be a pretty good SPAMmer...


The ElectriClerk Wow! If we were in a slightly different technological universe, this would be pretty accurate.


Yahoo! News - Faster, Cheaper Wireless Home Nets Emerge Having gotten myself hooked on our 802.11b network... I can see how this is going to be popular!

MacMegasite - iCommune threatened by Apple You know, Apple wouldn't actually want developers to develop software for their computers, would they?

Fight with computer brings SWAT team Must have been running Windows! :)

The Book PC They just keep getting smaller and smaller...


O'Reilly Network: Swearing Off (and at) My Yahoo [January 15, 2003] Wow! This guy makes a good point!

TechTV | Free Download of the Day: NoHTML in Outlook I think I'm going to give this a try... particularly so SPAMmers can't track whether I've opened their images or not. I wonder how much it will mess things up in my Outlook, though. Hmmm...


EFF Unintended Consequences: Four Years under the DMCA Remember: The DMCA is a bad, bad thing!

NXPowerLite | intelligent compression for Microsoft PowerPoint This looks cool!

HotSauce and Meta-Content Format Another great (or maybe not-so-great) idea that died, and may rise to life again, now that Apple is back into the web browser business...

Wired News: Hotmail: A Spammer's Paradise? Proving once again that Microsoft doesn't care about its customers...


Future Horizons - Advanced Technology, Hoverboards, Lightsabers, Jetpacks, Science Projects, Electronics Kits, Lasers, Tesla Coils, High Voltage Engineering, Plans, Books, Parts, Kits All things cool, interesting, etc. I remember as a kid reading through catalogs of this stuff; now the Internet can bring it to our fingertips!


eBay item 3105559243 (Ends Jan-12-03 15:44:16 PST ) - LARGE 2 ENGINE TYCO HO TRAIN SET EXTRAS N/R Well, if I -really- wanted to, I guess I could buy one... but I think I'll hold off for now.

Fantasy Roads I found my train set! The TYCO "Golden Eagle"! Last one on this page. I wonder if there's more info out there on it... ?

eBay item 3106040895 (Ends Jan-12-03 12:34:36 PST ) - HO OPERATING "GANDY DANCER" HANDCAR w- BOX I remember wanting one of these years and years ago when I got my TYCO train set. They were about $20 then -- way too much money for me. Glad to see they're still available for about the same price! (Of course, I have no idea what this auction will close for, so if it goes for $200 you'll wonder why I can't do math and why I think that's the same as $20...)


Exorcism: Why I'm a Believer By the Rev. Lloyd Prator Subtitled, "I was skeptical about whether the exorcisms I performed were doing anything--until an unseen force grabbed my hand." An interesting article. It seems there are forces out there (somewhere) that we really don't understand...

Spirit Elements - Sheds, Gazebos, Wall Waterfalls, Pellet Stoves, and More. You know, I'm not keen on spending thousands of dollars... but these would be cool for Ellsworth. A little "cabin in the woods" kind of thing...


Welcome to the Family: Avid Free DV This'll be cool... once it finally comes out. I wonder if this is a quick response to Apple's iMovie 3 and Final Cut Express? Hmmm... I'll assume they had it in the works earlier than this morning. :)

Now Corporations Claim The "Right To Lie" So, how far does "free speech" go? And just what is a "corporation", really?

Tech Law Advisor | home Updating my blog with a reference to someone else's. Ain't technology grand?

A warning - the Nigerian scam. A pretty good page of details about a scam (or series of scams) floating around on the Internet. I'm particularly entertained by the "I'm a maiden in distress and only you can help me" scam...


Aver Media I'm thinking that their AverTV Box3 might be just what Berean needs to get their projector to project both computer output and video. Hmmm...


WSJ.com - Personal Technology Hmmm.... I'm thinking I just might be able to get my internet connection in the woods after all! (Of course, it might work without this gizmo... but the gizmo is cool anyway!)


Pioneer Press | 01/02/2003 | REGIONAL WEATHER: SIGNS OF SEASON SORELY MISSED Winter's sights, sounds, even smells lacking I thought I was imagining things, but I told Ruth yesterday that it seemed really dark at 5:30 or so. This reporter agrees, noting, "You may have noticed it's even darker than normal when the sun goes down lately. Our finely tuned senses tell us something is wrong — there is no snow on the ground."


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