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Like sheep...

Sheep are dumb, defenseless and driven by their own desires... And, I suspect, are often unaware of their status. Sometimes they know they're in danger. Oftentimes they don't.


Great insight today from the Ray Edwards Podcast (#128: Self-Propelled Productivity [Podcast]): Spiritual Foundations: Here's a question I get from readers and listeners every now and then: "If God's will is always healing, why am I still sick?" The short answer is I don't know. There are many explanations that sound good, and yet for every one there is a scripture that seems to disprove it. Think you don't have enough faith? Then what do you do with the man who didn't even believe Jesus could help his son… and then Jesus just healed the boy, despite the father's lack of faith? Think you have sin in your life that you have to get cleaned up first? Then what about the woman who was caught in the very act of adultery, whom Jesus forgave and spared from physical death? Then there are interesting passages like the one where Jesus prays for a b