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Quickcam MP in action

Here's a video up at YouTube - My Webcam that shows the features of the new Quickcam MP (megapixel) webcam. The Logitech site looked cool, but I'm very happy to see it in action. Could be fun -- especially paired up with Breeze or other web-conferencing software, since (as far as I know) it does all these effects in real-time.

Putting Teflon to use?

What are they using to pave roads in Russia?!? Check out the poor folks who are driving in russia - Google Video

Kids' toys with LEAD?!?

Okay, in the "You've GOT to be kidding!" category comes the realization that there are kids' toys out there made with so much lead they're DEADLY! Minneapolis child dies after swallowing charm bracelet .

Yet another Kari Byron resource!

For all of you looking for Kari Byron stuff... here's what seems to be a good list-of-links at Perpetual Draft - Main - Kari Byron of MythBusters . Even though this fine site is "not sure how informative" my miscellaneous Kari-related ramblings might be... well, actually, that proves that this site is a good Kari Resource, because my Kari stuff isn't very informative! Good catch!

A Mystery Solved!

Maybe I should turn this into a podcast topic. I finally hit upon the right phrases in Google to learn more about a mysterious stone wall with Gothic arches on the border of Rosemount and Inver Grove Heights. Its site now lies under a bridge, and I always regretted that I didn't snap a few pictures of it before it went. Here's the story: The Rake: Features : The Ruin

What exactly is "innovation" or "invention"?

The consensus around the office regarding this article is "Hmmmmm....." IBM: The 'next big thing' no longer exists | CNET

News on "The Menards Guy"!

Ray Szmanda is alive and well and living in Antigo! (Well, we knew the Antigo part...) Here's an update on him, from (which relates to -- get this -- Wisconsin Business.) Oh, how I love Ray!

Blogthings - How Liberal / Conservative Are You?

My MySpace experience (don't ask) brought me to Blogthings - How Liberal / Conservative Are You? How do I rank? Well... Your Political Profile Overall : 50% Conservative, 50% Liberal Social Issues : 50% Conservative, 50% Liberal Personal Responsibility : 50% Conservative, 50% Liberal Fiscal Issues : 50% Conservative, 50% Liberal Ethics : 50% Conservative, 50% Liberal Defense and Crime : 50% Conservative, 50% Liberal How Liberal / Conservative Are You?

Still not keen on kissing for Candela, but...

News today (first from my wife, but friend Jon gave me the link) is that the girl killed by the allergic reaction after a kiss from her peanut-laden boyfriend didn't actually die from a peanut allergy. See | Peanut kiss did not kill Quebec teen: coroner . At this point we don't know what she died from... but it wasn't peanuts.

Another not-well-known story

I don't advocate or support everything over at the G e n e r a t i o n W h y ? blog, but he's been keeping up with an interesting story about an explosion down in Oklahoma. Long story. And scary, too.

No singing in court!

While looking up information on Judy Collins (long story), I came across what I think is actual, legitimate Testimony of Judy Collins in the Chicago Seven Trial . Apparently, District Court is not the place to start singing. Really. I mean it. Read for yourself.

Who are you thinking of today?

The joy of statistics is that you can have a peek inside other people's minds... like that of the person who, from work did a search for... well, see for yourself, and note that yours truly gets to be at the top of the search results! what does it mean to think of my husband's friend - Yahoo! Search Results