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How old is the book of Job?

There's a reference to " water wears away stones" in Job 12:1-15:35; isn't that pretty advanced scientific knowledge for thousands of years ago, given that erosion of rock isn't readily observed?

A therapeutic gospel?

This episode mentions the concept of a "therapeutic gospel" as a remedy for those who have been hurt by the church. Yes, that message is incomplete. But is it harmful? The Phil Vischer Podcast (Episode 112: Kardashians, Comic-Con, and Charismatic Catholicism!) Phil breaks down and says the word "Kardashian," girls at Comic-Con  say "no touchy!" and an account of one woman's journey from  Charismatic Catholicism to atheism to...?  It's another fun week on  the Phil Vischer Podcast!

Frank Schaeffer, The Atheist Who Believes In God Shared from the Umano app

Matthew Principle revisited

Looks like Matthew 13 is a much better grounding of this concept than the Parable of the Talents is. But it's represented there in a much deeper fashion and I wonder if it's descriptive rather than prescriptive...?

Why Grace?

Grace makes us right with God so we can purse holiness without fear of being destroyed for being inadequate. The purpose of grace and salvation is to pursue holiness and oneness with Him, not for our own self-gratification.

What did Jesus mean?

Dan Miller just quoted Malcolm Gladwell and the "Matthew Effect": But what if the alternative interpretation is correct and Jesus was actually calling out an unfair and oppressive financial system? If so, it's a shame that we honor it in His name today... Tough call.