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What's my identity...?

I think this is probably a parallel to "we're human beings, not human doings." From: You can change your outcomes or your processes; however, if you don't change your identity, you will eventually come back to your old habits. For example, if you want to stop smoking, and you keep saying, "I'm trying to quit smoking," it's the outcome you are trying to change. Lasting change can only come through identity change. In this example, you must start saying, "I'm not a smoker." (BTW, I'm not a smoker and never have been, nor do I smoke cigarettes or anything else. It's just an example from the site.)

Tweaking the Theme

Once every decade or so, whether it needs it or not...  The time has come to clean up the Blogger template here and have something that looks decent on something that was invented after the last time I modified the template: A "smart phone".  I know; it's an amazing new thing! The problem is, my entire site is hosed.  If you click around in various pages, it's a mess.  So, bear with me as I adjust and re-adjust and modify things..

What is management?

Seth Godin had a throwaway line in the opening to his “Of Course They Cheated” podcast, but it’s a definition I’ve not heard before and can’t find elsewhere (at least, not this succinctly): “Management” and “Leadership” are not the same thing.   Management is done with power and authority, compelling others to do what we need them to do when we need them to do it.   Leadership, on the other hand, always involves voluntary compliance.   It always involves people eagerly following the leader. This is in interesting in and of itself, but Godin goes on to talk about “education.” And the same dichotomy is true about “learning” and “education.”   Education is often done “to” us.   It is mandatory.   People show up and say “You will learn this and there will be a test.”   That’s different than learning.   Learning is a process we choose to go through.   Learning needs to happen more and more.   There are more “learning opportunities” than ever before.   And yet, too many pe

Random websites, April 2019 edition

I have a bad tendency to let webpages pile up on my phone.  Then, every couple weeks, I screenshot them and tell myself that I'll go back and review them. I never do. But if you haven't noticed, this blog used to be the equivelent kind of archive... so, why not do that again? Behold, here's what I had open on my phone up through April, 2019: How to age galvanied metal: from shiny new to vintage How does it work | Jolly Roger Telephone (this is a cool anti-piracy service) How to control X10 devices with Amazon Echo or Google Home Insecurity vs. Cowardice (a future podcast topic) Marcus Buckingham on the Dan Schwabel podcast Hydrocollid acne dots including Peter Thomas Roth acne-clear (I don't have acne - anymore - but this was an interesting "how to draw moisture out of skin" thing that came up for some reason Focus Minneapolis at the Weisman Art Museum (which I'm going to - "Reskilling L&D - designing learning experiences your emplo

Apps I don't use, 2019 version

I’m cleaning up my iPhone and getting rid of apps I never use, so I can declutter my life a bit.  Figured I should make a list somewhere, and the world might be interested?   iLife suite – GarageBand, iMovie, Numbers, etc. Bible Lens from Life.Church – I think this uses AI to identify photos and slap out-of-context Bible verses onto them? United – I’ll grab it back if I ever fly United again Classic Words – I don’t play Scrabble, even though some friends and family do Docs from Google – I can grab it if I ever need it, right? Skype for Business – We use Zoom here now and this will probably change by the next time I need to use it Clips from Apple – I don’t know what this is so I suspect I can live without it? My phone says I’ve never used it. Six – Game. I’m not big on games. Hue – I don’t own any hue bulbs. Probably grabbed it for something at work. SiriusXM – don’t have a subscription and even if I did I’d listen to Pandora and podcasts instead Daddy – it’s a

When did the Fall happen?

I was listening to VOX Podcast with Mike Erre (the episode on "Patriarchy, Leaving Church, and the Failure of God") and had a thought.  The traditional reading of Genesis is that Adam and Eve are the fruits, God stepped in, and cursed them. But what if the "curses" were simply the natural consequences of the conscious turning-away that they did? This episode uncovers the word play that might hint at that. Maybe God was saying "because you did this, here's what's going to happen to you" rather than "because you did this, here's what I'm going to do to you."   A subtle distinction but it gets at the character of a God...