Random websites, April 2019 edition

I have a bad tendency to let webpages pile up on my phone.  Then, every couple weeks, I screenshot them and tell myself that I'll go back and review them.

I never do.

But if you haven't noticed, this blog used to be the equivelent kind of archive... so, why not do that again?

Behold, here's what I had open on my phone up through April, 2019:

  • How to age galvanied metal: from shiny new to vintage
  • How does it work | Jolly Roger Telephone (this is a cool anti-piracy service)
  • How to control X10 devices with Amazon Echo or Google Home
  • Insecurity vs. Cowardice (a future podcast topic)
  • Marcus Buckingham on the Dan Schwabel podcast
  • Hydrocollid acne dots including Peter Thomas Roth acne-clear (I don't have acne - anymore - but this was an interesting "how to draw moisture out of skin" thing that came up for some reason
  • Focus Minneapolis at the Weisman Art Museum (which I'm going to - "Reskilling L&D - designing learning experiences your employees want)
  • Veracrypt (an alternative to TrueCrypt which we used to use at work until it disappeared)
  • VirtualCareerSummit.com - a free Salesforce event
  • great leaders have no rules: contrarian leadership principles to transform your team and business.
  • San Diego motivational speaker Patrick Combs
  • Huel - Complete food.  (I think this is some sort of powdered superfood?)
  • Febreeze Song Ad Bad Moms 2018 - I got intrigued by the Febreeze commercials on Pandora
  • "mm6323" wood - I was given a bunch of laminate flooring for free (it was from 2015 and someone hired a contractor to tear it out and replace it with T&G teak) so I was trying to look up what kind of flooring it was.  No luck.
  • The Maqbara Hermitage at lamafoundation.org - this looked like A really pretty retreat site but apparently it's incredibly expensive
  • Amazon Fulfillment Center tour - Amazon may or may not be evil, but this looks cool?
  • BodyWellness Posture Corrector; this not only looks interesting but it was intriguing that there were scam twitter ads selling knocks of it
  • all3dp.com page on printing your own bone-conduction hearing eyeglasses.  That looks cool
  • Shannon Rose Consulting - homepage of a great local consultant that I need to connect to one of my colleagues
  • TinyLetter.com "The Tourist - Volume 71" was some sort of writing about Easter and against Kant and the notion of "doing your duty".  Interesting enough to throw into Evernote
  • Tribe Workshop - something I heard today on the Ray Edwards podcast and I've got to listen to that -- seems like an interesting "online seminar"
  • Inspirational podcasts and audio stories paskahdon.com
  • 7 eternal profit boosters
  • ask live 2018 November 2nd through the fourth in Orlando
  • choosethebook.com. choose culina the single most important decision before starting your business
  • lifeisorganized.com. "you can get exactly what you want, enjoy an amazing career, life, and relationships, by taking control of your attention and focus"
  • “husband in pursuit: 31 daily challenges for loving your life well”
  • River Valley Church marriage site (we missed their spring event)
  • udemy.com "1007 official NPL practicioner ABNLP (assoc)" - i'm curious what "official NLP" is these days?
  • Expertise.TV "free forever" plan -- looks like an interesting online course platform
  • Mashabor "an entire MBA in one course - for just $15" -- I think this was an ad of some sort, somewhere
  • GetxJet.com - doesn't exist yet but is supposed to be cool when it does?  It's a Robert Murray coaching site of some sort
  • FeelReal - A Kickstarter project for a VR scent device
  • The 3 ways my ideas die from Puttylike - that one goes to Evernote for future review, too.
  • "Home office improvements that will boost creativity according to pros." from blog.skillshare.com
  • Robin Autopilot franchise.  Because I would love to have my lawn mowed robotically
  • The Happiness Curve by Jonathan Rauch - just heard about this at MinneBar
  • PASSMN Conference - coming in October, right before EDUCAUSE.
  • Target Corporate "techbites" - heard about this at MinneBar but I don't know how it's spelled and it's apparently on their intranet so that might explain why a search turns up nothing.


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