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Playing with Picasa Web

For a long time we've been hunting for a good "throw a bunch of photos on the web" solution. Looks like Picasa Web Albums might be an option (thanks to a tool called Migratr, which helped move a bunch of photos that I had on Flickr). Here's an example of the embedding function; let's see how it turns out.

Do interviewers pay attention anymore?

Years ago, Larry King was interviewed (on 60 Minutes or some such program) and noted that people don't pay attention when conducting interviews. There was a quote like, "Someone does a man-on-the-street interview, 'What brings you here today?'; "Oh, I'm here to [do some terrible thing]"; "Great! And are you planning to have lunch anywhere?" Fine... but I expect better from David Frost , of all people! Osama bin Laden - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia : "November 2007 In an interview with political interviewer David Frost, taken on November 2, 2007, the recently assassinated Pakistani politician, and Pakistan Peoples Party chairwoman, Benazir Bhutto, claimed that bin Laden had been murdered by Omar Sheikh. During her answer to a question pertaining to the identities of those who had previously attempted her own assassination, Bhutto named Sheikh as a possible suspect while referring to him as 'the man who murdered Osama bin Laden.'

Interesting article on competition

Can competition (against your business -- not, like, running in track and field) be a good? Read Why Starbucks actually helps mom and pop coffeehouses. - By Taylor Clark - Slate Magazine : "Starbucks has been about as lethal a killer as a fluffy bunny rabbit." In a nutshell, if you have Starbucks around, that gets people thinking about spending $4 for a cup of coffee, and if that's the field you're playing in, it's good to have people thinking about that. So, I suppose it depends on what your business field is; if you're selling something that's really necessary and important, competition might hurt you... but if you're trying to sell snow to Minnesotans, the more people shouting "Snow is great! You need snow! Buy snow now!", the better off you'll be. Maybe? Thoughts?