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Justice for Sam Salter in the Trooper Carrie Rindal case

This made my day! According to a story yesterday in the Minneapolis Star Tribune , Trooper Carrie Rindal was reprimanded and Sam Salter will be given the $9,500 settlement that he proposed for what the Strib terms a "bungled traffic stop". The State Patrol on Wednesday announced that it had reprimanded trooper Carrie Rindal after a review board found that she had made several errors while stopping and arresting Salter along Interstate 94 in St. Paul. Kudos to Salter for proposing a reasonable settlement and moving on; while it would be entertaining to watch the typical "I'm going to sue for hundreds of millions of dollars!" court case unfold, that doesn't help anything and isn't the way that grown-ups ought to behave. Ironically, the settlement sounds a lot like what I originally suggested on this blog . Sam Salter continues to demonstrate that he was in the right and continues to handle himself well. And has proven that, sometimes, you can fight ci

Miley = Britney? Really?

Okay, I walked in to Barnes & Noble the other day while I had a few minutes to kill... and was stopped dead in my tracks by the display in front of me. I don't usually think things are "creepy"... but this was... "creepy". Correct me if I'm wrong; people do realize that these are the same, right? Or am I the only one old enough to "remember the past" and make the comparison? Does Miley Cyrus really want to be Britney Spears? Really?