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What are ears itching to hear?

There's an interesting passing reference to "tickling ears" in this podcast.  I think they're 100% right: Church funding is treated as "payment for services rendered" and right now in the United States the wealthiest donors are the politically conservative ones whose metaphorical ears are proverbially tickled by a politically conservative agenda. This is Radio Cast with Jay Bakker (Ryan Meeks: On losing his congregation): Ryan Meeks, a pastor at a megachurch outside of Seattle, talks to Jay about reconciling his Christian faith with his belief in LGBTQ rights, and the price he paid for going public.   [Music excerpts from This is Radio Clash by The Clash]

Top tier front line

My inept coffee ordering skills at Starbucks prove their wisdom of putting their very best people to take the order at the drive-through. Anybody can execute the task of dumping three raw sugars into a Venti Pike's Place. But it took skill to know that's what I meant when I ordered a large medium roast with heavy sugar. I'm not sure the tradition of putting your entry-level workers as tier one phone support, which is something ITIL supports, is a wise one.

What's a "retreat" or a "getaway"

Is it possible to have a "get away on vacation" feeling without leaving town? What are the critical elements? This article might hold some of the keys.  I know (think?) I did an Ericast on the topic a couple years ago; maybe it's time to revisit that... Instead of heading to the lake, try an 'urban cabin' getaway By Kelcie McKenney Mike and Mickey Webb of Carver relax in their Lowertown, St. Paul condo, which they use as a weekend home, October 25, 2015. (Pioneer Press: Scott Takushi) Mike and Mickey Webb, like many Twin Citians, own their primary home in the western suburbs and a second home as their retreat. But instead of heading north on the weekends, the Webbs head east to their "urban cabin" in Lowertown. "We'd rather drive to St. Paul than drive four hours to rake leaves," Mike Webb said. Minnesota Wild se

Rural ministry and "kids these days"

How has rural ministry changed since the time when Ronald Korfmacher wrote this book? > Carleton Smee on Instagram: "Thanks to Pr. Ike for the good book on rural ministry. #doingchurch #gettingcloser" > >

Auditory Ambiance

Why would a retreat center or bookstore/coffeeshop on a radio to a standard over-the-air station? Because it's the cheapest way to ambience: (If I could mark a blog post with a "low priority" flag, I would for this one...)

The concept of urban retreats This is an idea worth exploring -- the concept of reflecting in community, whether or not it takes place in particular house. (By the way, I'm going to be "pivoting" this blog a bit to cover the "learning in community" ideas like this. Which I guess isn't much of a pivot from some perspectives, but it seems like it to me.)

Communion elements

Despite having been steeped in Christian doctrine for more than 20 years, I’d never heard the distinction (and a fairly radical one, I’d say) between body/blood in Communion until it was mentioned recently at River Valley Church (in Apple Valley, Minnesota – for my non-local readers).  A bit of Googling led me to this from Joseph Prince (who, I’m sure, raises red flags with someone somewhere…): “ At the cross, God also took all our sicknesses and diseases and put them on Jesus’ originally perfect and healthy body, so that we can walk in divine health. That is why the Bible says by His stripes, we are healed (Isaiah 53:5, 1 Peter 2:24). “ In Luke 22:20, Jesus tells us that the cup is the “new covenant in My blood”, and the apostle Paul tells us that the blood of Jesus brings forgiveness of sins (Colossians 1:14, Ephesians 1:7).   … “ Today, when we partake of the bread, we are de