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From the 1662 Book of Common Prayer

"We acknowledge and bewail our manifold sins and wickedness, which we, from time to time, have committed by word, thought and deed, against thy Divine Majesty, provoking most justly thy wrath and indignation against us."

Data behind the spark

A post on the topic of that "looking-more-hopeless attraction project" I keep pondering:

So what's that parable really mean?

I've heard the "eye of the needle" one a lot. Did Jesus mean it's impossible for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven? Urban Legends: The Preacher???s Edition

I wish I could develop this discipline...

Four Reasons to Keep a Work Diary

More on the "sousveillance" topic...

I hadn't yet heard the term "privacy-progressive"... Apple Filed a Patent Application in 2009 for What It's Now Calling a 'Bug'

This is my early, early childhood

Minneapolis St Paul in the Seventies: Stephen Cysewski

A logical structure in the abortion debate

Granted, questions of abortion are rarely grounded in logic which makes political debate difficult, but here's a tool for the rare cases where they are:

The mind-body problem...

An article approaching one of my favorite topics... Dreams of Meaning: Where Religion and Neuroscience Can???t Compete

More Rob Bell thoughts

From "Trace's Studies in Grace Blog"

Artificial Intelligence improves

My gut reaction to this story was, "yeah, computers should be able to do that..." Robot Journalist??? writes a better story than human sports reporter ?? TNW Media

Really? A song?

When Ruth starts quoting lyrics at me, I pay attention... ________________________________ [ ] "Graduation Day" Lyrics [edit] by Kenny Marks | from the album Another Friday Night Share Graduation day, there were tears in their eyes, Photographs and promises; they threw their hats goodbye, Graduation day, and the sun was shining bright, A piece of paper and a heart full of dreams, It was the best day of their life. On their wedding day there were tears in their eyes, Words of love and promises, They threw the rice and waved goodbye, It was the best day of their life. Oh, we search for a moment to cling to, but there seems to be too few to find, In the span of one life, in the dimness of night, we search for the meaning in life. It was an ordinary day and there were tears in their eyes, God's word of love and promises took them by su

Amen, Jakob Nielsen!

Life-Long Computer Skills (Jakob Nielsen's Alertbox)

Fiber Cement Siding - GAF WeatherSide is a great idea for people who want to maintain a "mid-century modern" house. Not me, at the moment...

A model for motivation?

This looks really interesting, from the article "Self Motivation: Let It Flow?" end Typed by fingertip and sent from my iPad

Speaking of 3D printing...

"The next Napster? Copyright questions as 3D printing comes of age":

3 tricks for solving problems faster and better | Daniel Pink I wonder if this is true for me? Hmmm... Points to ponder...

letterly? seems like an interesting idea...

I've got to clean...

This past weekend I was working on some de-duping of old backup files... because I can't throw anything away "just in case" I need it later or in case I want to explore and ponder some part of my history... So the next-best-thing is to reduce the clutter and make sure I'm hoarding just one copy of things. (As an aside, that can really mess things up if the copy you delete is out of a folder that was a set... but that's the risk you run...) Anyway, I was thinking that I also need to declutter my office spaces. I'm not an inherently organized "I-love-to-maintain-structure" person, but at some point that turns from a non-strength into a weakness (as Buckingham would put it via Now Discover Your Strengths). Next steps: continue the scanning project to get the paper notes into convenient digital form, and work on better bookcases in the den. To consider: better book organization with the help of LibraryThing -- maybe getting as fancy as LC categories