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Miscellaneous 2008 Updates

Walking in to the office this morning, I realized that it's been ages since I've thrown an update into this blog. Most of my day-to-day updates are in Twitter now, but I've got a few "ponderings" that wouldn't make sense to put there... so, here they are. The Thanksgiving break was outstanding -- a good stretch of down-time to reflect and catch up on various projects. (Even simple things like getting the oil changed in both vehicles and making sure the snow blower starts are nice to check off the "to-do" list.) Today is a "December with integrity" day -- it's not "bitterly cold", but it's cold enough to trigger the "winter is here" response. Winter isn't my favorite season, but I can handle it just fine. Unfortunately, the side streets up here in St. Paul are incredibly slippery thanks to the light snow we got yesterday. Last week I had coffee with Albert Maruggi , which started out as a conversation