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Attraction Analytics

I need a developer, a statistician, a psychologist and... a cosmetologist. Why? For years I've been interested in the "Ginger vs. Mary Anne" question: What criteria do different individuals use to prefer one attractive person over another? If you walk down a hair-color aisle in the drugstore or leaf through a fashion magazine, you probably find different models more or less attractive. They're all "beautiful people" of course, but don't some seem to be "your type" while others aren't? Why is that? As far as I know, there aren't studies or tools that address this. There have been projects to determine the "perfect average" of male and female attraction... But I'm looking for something that that ties to individuals with particular preferences. What good would that be? 1) it's interesting 2) it might be useful in a dating site, to find who you're physically attracted to 3) it might be useful in a dating site, to war