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I have stolen control of Eric's computer! Long live the revolution!!!! GlobeXplorer ImageAtlas (This message brought to you by Rob Crawford, who discovered the little "B" button in my browser toolbar. That'll teach me not to log out of my own site on my own computer in my own home! ---Eric)
Upgrade or Wipe-and-Load: Choosing the Best Scenario for Deploying Windows XP Professional : "This white paper describes the advantages and disadvantages of each scenario and ends with a strong recommendation that you choose to use wipe-and-load instead of upgrading computers." In all the years of working with Windows, nothing has changed! To be honest, I did an upgrade from 2000 to XP (just to see if it was as horrible as it used to be) and it worked great, aside from a hiccup in WMP. So I'm surprised Microsoft disavows upgrading!
Yahoo! News - Media Hubs Bridge PC, Living Room Gap Looks like some of this technology has potential, but isn't quite ready for prime time... no pun intended.
Free Hit Counter, web counter with website stats I haven't used this in ages, but my biggest Google return is from these GoStats folks, so maybe I should throw it back on my 'blog?
Beastie Boys CD installs virus | The Register : My favorite line here is "Carefully log the time needed to do this and include it in your criminal complaint."
Yahoo! News - Philips Launches World's Fastest DVD Burner These things just get faster and faster...
Madonna Lyrics - Nothing Fails (Nevins Mix) - Lyrics Crawler : "I'm not religious, but I feel so moved Makes me want to pray, pray you'll always be here I'm not religious, but I feel such love Makes me want to pray" I never listened to the lyrics of this song before, but they're kind of interesting... Madonna's definition of "I'm not religious" and all...
bit-tech :: Orac3 - Part 5 Okay, it's neat looking and all... but it's just a computer!
Berkeley Lab Physicist Challenges Speed of Gravity Claim Following up on a Blog post from ages ago, it looks like we still don't know what the "speed of gravity" is. But maybe someday, right?
mansfield reformatory Since we have friends who moved back to their hometown of Mansfield (Ohio), I wonder if we could stop by and visit this place...
FBI investigates underground tunnel requests - The Daily Texan - Top Stories Seems kinda disturbing to me that you could file a legitimate FOIA request and end up getting investigated by the FBI. Can anyone say "chilling effect"? - Inke Unveils Clean, Cheap Ink Jet Refills Ah! At least I found a review of it. I'm not too sure I'm interested in buying refill cartridges so I can refill my cartridge... Hmmm... If I were desperate to actually do this the way they describe, I'm thinking that a bunch of ink and an air compressor would do the trick (and, believe me, I'm not that desperate to avoid the task of poking a hole in my cartridge when the time comes for a refill...)
:::Ink? Inkjet Auto Refill System::: I doubt this Google cache link will work, but since appears to be down at the moment, it's all I've got. (The one time I click on a banner add for a product that seems interesting, and I can't get there! Amazing!)