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An anti-SPAM SPAM scam

This black-hat SEO tactic is too good not to out; the first time it popped into my Inbox I ignored it, but the second time...? Well, here you go: Saturday 18th of May 2013 10:20:05 AM Larson Eric Dear Larson Eric: We have learned that unauthorized individual(s) secured a link promoting our website [their redacted site].com on one or more of your web properties. The links were placed purely for SEO purposes, with the intention of manipulating search rankings, something that we do not approve. The presence of these links is harmful to our site's good standing with search engines, and unfortunately, retaining them may also be potentially harmful to your own website's reputation. We would ask that you please remove any links on your site that link to [their redacted site].com So far as we are aware, there are (or have been) links at these URLs: http://[my redacted site].com/tag/ padded-adjustable-piano-bench/ feed We would greatly appreciate your help with r