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SpringShare and Dapper

Just learned about these two -- more fun stuff to explore! Wow!!! I wonder if there's a personal homepage site/app that behaves like SpringShare does? Hmmm...

A couple educational URLs

I should throw these into Delicious, but they look even more promising than to just get buried there:

What is a "church"?

Berean friends (or others) should listen to this overview of the new Awaken plant: - theological distinctions between BGC and Covenant - the role of a "missional church" - the audience of "cultural creatives" - when to hold church - what does 5:00 p.m. get you, what does it not? - why keep these plans a secret and then spring them on the congregation? As frank and open as any on-the-record conversation could be, I think. Podcast Title: Soulstice Podcast Episode: Awaken_Q&A Media URL: if (FlashDetect.installed) { $('flash_embed-BjdAaxpqFw').show(); $('quicktime_embed-BjdAaxpqFw').hide(); } else { $('quicktime_embed-BjdAaxpqFw').show(); $('flash_embed-BjdAaxpqFw').hide(); } Podcast feed URL:

Gaming for learning (and related ethics)

I need to dig up the podcast (EDUCAUSE, maybe?) where a speaker discussed gaming as "crowdsourcing" to end up gaining data for one purpose or another. It's all about marketing (or worse), right? Podcast Title: APM: Future Tense Episode: The Coming Gamepocalypse Media URL: if (FlashDetect.installed) { $('flash_embed-weufvdgxEH').show(); $('quicktime_embed-weufvdgxEH').hide(); } else { $('quicktime_embed-weufvdgxEH').show(); $('flash_embed-weufvdgxEH').hide(); } Podcast feed URL:

Google Tries to Simplify Fonts on the Web

Gotta look into this one...

Faculty as Curators

Joseph Rueter gave a great conceptual overview of curation at today's MinneBar -- one that had no overt push for his company Instead, it was a great look at the role of curation in society (I have no hope of summarizing the deck and presentation here; trust me, it was good) and it got me thinking about the role of faculty. Some get worried in the face of MIT's OpenCourseware and such -- "if the content is freely available, what good am I?". But someone needs to steer/guide students rather than dumping information on them (or letting them dump it on themselves). That's the role of a curator! Nothing magical about the name and role has been around forever but, just as "podcasting" gave rise to distributed on-demand audio content merely because people had a concise name to attach to the concept, "curation" as a term can have an empowering role in the conversation.

Promoting social engagement?

Question I have based on a social media session: how do you use social media to move people "up the ladder of engagement"? The @ignitus mission, if I got it right, is "connecting non-profits with passionate supporters"... But what about your supporters who aren't "passionate"? Yet? Notes from the session on this concept: @RachelJeanMpls touched on the concept early on -- that there are levels that people move along. Lisa @footenotes said you can have the infrastructure in place and then react when a news event gets people thinking about your issue (but not pouncing as an ambulance chaser) @AlanHill8 talked about entertaining/celebrating, and maybe that helps reach Lisa's goal without doing it in a negative environment?

A YouTube alternate

I have to read up on this one:

Leadership podcast episode

Oops -- independent vs. "interdependent."

Leadership podcast episode

This is a really interesting episode -- especially the independent vs. integrated teams idea. Some "teams" really aren't, and the people on the "other" team (who you depend on to do your job) are really on _your_ team. Podcast Title: Blog Business Success | Blog Talk Radio Feed Episode: Kevin Eikenberry: Remarkable Leadership - Nov 02,2007 Media URL: if (FlashDetect.installed) { $('flash_embed-yqqqcwzzso').show(); $('quicktime_embed-yqqqcwzzso').hide(); } else { $('quicktime_embed-yqqqcwzzso').show(); $('flash_embed-yqqqcwzzso').hide(); } Podcast feed URL:

The struggles with "rewards" programs

I heard back from the good folks at StaplesTweets who asked for details on the problems I've had with rebate programs, since I mentioned them as part of a tweet on my less-than-fun experiences: "I'm amazed at how companies (@ bestbuy , @ officedepot , @ staplestweets ) make their "rewards" programs so convoluted & frustrating" So, in brief (but not as brief as 140 characters that I'd be limited to on Twitter), here's my Staples experience in particular: In March, I had two "Staples Rewards" certificates -- 20-some dollars that expired that month, and 30-some dollars that expired a month or two later. I made a $30-something purchase and paid by handing over my $20-something certificate to pay most of it, then handing over my $30-something certificate to pay for the few dollars on the balance. When I got home, I took a close look at the receipt; instead of there being nearly $30 left on the certificate, it said that there were only $4

Politically incorrect advice Neil's article "Do Business Like A Prostitute" isn't a very "polite" topic... But I think his observations are spot-on!

Basecamp plans, pricing

Been told it's "like Sharepoint in the cloud"