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What does MCCL want?

What could drive me back to blogging after crippling sciatica and a new daughter in the house? What else but... politics. I just got an anti-McGinn mailing, which says that Mike McGinn is a "leading voice" for Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life -- MCCL. (Good! I'm all in favor of their work!) They apparently are an "extreme group" (I'm glad someone is extremely concerned about innocent lives!) "that wants to ban abortion" (Absolutely!), "prohibit stem cell research" (actually, only embryonic stem cell research, but we'll let that one slide), and... "force terminally ill patients onto artificial life support indefinitely -- despite the wishes of a spouse or family." Wait a minute. That doesn't sound right. Well, long story short, the Minnesota DFL Party (which paid for the mailer) dozed through their "Deception 101" class. They never learned that you're supposed to make your lies subtle so that they do