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Salvation vs. Kingdom

"In your anger, do not sin"

Envy and the Cross

What is Repentance? Really?

Living sacrifices

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How salvation works

Evangelism without discipleship is cruel... but it isn't lethal. Don't confuse justification with sanctification; justification requires obedience to the call (which requires choice) but doesn't require obedience to the walk. The walk is sanctification which comes as the result of the justification. Discipleship serves to build sanctification; it doesn't justify us or anyone around us.



Unchanging by Chris Tomlin medley

The chorus is a 100% match to "I'm Pleasing To You" -- what a perfect mashup-in-the-making!

Chris Tomlin
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Social support?

In his book "Reaching Out," Henri Nouwen writes: "Why is it, that many parties and friendly get-togethers leave us so empty and sad? Maybe even there the deep-seated and often unconscious competition between people prevents them from revealing themselves to each other and from establishing relationships that last longer than the party itself. Where we are always welcome, our absence won't matter that much either and when everyone can come, nobody will be particularly missed. Usually there is food enough and people enough willing to eat it, but often it seems that the food has lost the power to create community and not seldom do we leave the party more aware of our loneliness than when we came."

Discussion question: In a comment below, explain how Nouwen's insight does or does not apply to typical “church gatherings” (Sunday schools, Bible studies, men’s/women’s groups, etc.)


What are sacrifices for?

1 Sam 15:1-16:23 says...

"The Lord does not want your sacrifices; he wants your obedience."




Soul Ties?

I need to read up on this concept from John Eldridge.  My gut reaction is that I'm not sure whether if this is simple common sense, or needs to have a spiritualized particular prayer attached to it.

"Learn how to break free from all unhealthy soul ties."




A FAQ helped!

I just started playing with the Swell app (http://swell.am) but was annoyed that whenever I switched apps, it paused. Then my phone timed out and locked, and Swell stopped. That moved it from annoying to useless.

So, before I dug into support and Twitter, I read the FAQ. And found this:

I'm having issues listening to Swell in the background or from my lock screen. How can I fix this?

If you run into this issue, please try restarting the Swell application. We apologize for the problem and are working on a fix.

Yup! Problem solved. Works like a champ now. Funny how documentation can be helpful...


Help yourself get help

Can I vent for a minute? It's a good natured, well intentioned vent. I understand that some people see their world has to busy and important for them to call in and get their own technical support, so they ask their secretary to do it. But the amount of time it takes to sort out whatever the problem truly is, then go back and forth trying to get it resolved, then end up back with the person who's actually having the problem...

It's just not worth it. Trust me.

We're not trying to thwart you or your efficiency or your success. We are just trying to help you, and that is not the way to get help.

If you truly are so busy and important that you can't afford to call the help desk yourself, then you of all people need to call the help desk yourself.

Public notetaking

It's been so long since I've touched of this blog that I have no idea if anyone reads it anymore. But as I ponder journaling -- something I've pondered a lot the past few years – I wonder if I should switch from my current practice of dumping notes in Evernote to publicly blogging them here?

Then, here's a business idea, they would need to be curated. I wonder if some sort of crowd-sourced curation process could help people clarify their ideas?

(Minimally, a tag cloud could work, but more interesting than the most-popular words are the infrequent ones that pop up.)


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