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"A solution that doesn't exist"?!?

Okay, I had just the strangest conversation with a very nice young woman at a research firm who called to pre-qualify me for a study. It was on "digital media," and I figured I'd probably have a good shot at attending something like that given my life and job. That is, until we hit the last question, which was so incoherent that I had to ask what she meant: "Have you ever hacked a web site, or created an internet solution that doesn't exist?" Huh? I think I know what they mean by "hack a web site", and I can say "No" to that in that I've never cracked a web site... though at work I've had to "reverse engineer" some of our web applications or repurpose them for a different class/program, and if you define "hacking" as "innovatively adapting," that probably qualifies. But, anyway... what does it mean to "create an internet solution that doesn't exist"? Like, "Are you a web developer