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Why the Cross?

John Eldredge in a recent podcast laid out a contrast I'd never heard before: the Cross as atonement vs. the Cross as identifying with humanity's suffering. There's a ton of theology packed in there; "Jesus died for our sin" can be understood correctly... or not.

An Open Letter to

I'm hearing from more and more faculty about -- a "curation site" that they think might help them assemble resources for their students. And I thought it was a great idea. But there seems to be one fatal flaw. (apparently) doesn't monitor its user sites for active content.  Yet it assigns topic-based "vanity URLs" that, once taken, are unavailable for others. So if you have a topic that you want to "curate," you'd better hope that you can find a word related to it that hasn't already been taken by a topic-squatter who's saying nothing about it. "/religion" is taken... and was last updated in early 2011. "/philosophy" is taken... and has only one link to one external page -- either a mistake, disinterest, or SPAM. "/fatherhood" was grabbed by a woman a couple weeks ago and she hasn't posted anything at all. (You can tell by the fact I got down to "fatherhood" as

Monetizing myself

I wonder if there's a model out there for folks to earn money from their intellectual property, other than slapping unread advertising onto a site? Maybe if I had a "niche market" then the usual Google ads would work, but for my world -- which is either a general look at my life, or topics that don't have a "sales" element to them -- I don't think that's a viable fit. So am I doomed to be a "starving (Internet) artist" ...and, if so, would you like to buy a sofa-sized blog post for only $49?

July Thunderstorm Approachig

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