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Thoughts on Sanctification

I just found a found a reference to this show and, while I don’t remember exactly what was going on in my head when I first heard it, I trust my past judgment that it was worth noting (and, as I replay it, it sounds good…) Anderson asks:  “Compare yourself to a house for sale ‘as is.’ God purchased you at a very high cost – the life of his son. Now he owns you and it’s time to begin the work of claiming and cleaning up what he has bought. .. How’s it going in your life? Which rooms are started and which ones are done? Are there still some rooms you are keeping locked and guarded? Or have you opened up everything so that God can sanctify you through and through?”

A "contradiction" infographic

Here's a discussion of an infographic that was circulating, which covered supposed "contradictions" in the Bible.  A very pretty chart (you can find it elsewhere), but the text on it sure doesn't say a whole lot -- things like the number of angels at Jesus' tomb and such.

Different faith?

At 17:30 into this Joel Osteen podcast you hear the distinction between "delivering" faith (where God gets you out of something bad) vs. "sustaining" faith (where God helps you cope with something bad). Interestingly concise summary. I like it. Podcast Title: Joel Osteen Audio Podcast Episode: Hold On To Your Peace Media URL: Podcast feed URL:

My CrashPlan Fail

I love CrashPlan and recommend it whenever and wherever I can, but tonight I've experienced my first "CrashPlan fail" and don't know what to think of it: Dad was missing a document -- we knew the filename so restoring would be no problem.  He backs up to my computer at my house (he has Comcast, I've got Qwest).  We got that one without any problem. Then we discovered that a second one was missing.  When I went back into CrashPlan on his computer, I get this message: "Unable to restore because destination is offline" What? It was just online.  What's up? I can connect to my computer at home from his computer via LogMeIn just fine, so there's nothing inherently broken with our overall connection right now. Launching CrashPlan at home via LogMeIn, I can see that my work Macintosh has a green dot and is "Waiting for backup"... but Dad's has a grey dot and is "Waiting for connection"... But I'm sitting right here!  I'm

Social DRM and Watermarking

Just heard a reference to "social DRM" (Digital Rights Management) and wondered what it was. Turns out its a new word for watermarking (either visible, invisible or both) as described in the aptly-named article "What the Heck is 'Social??DRM'?" by Dennis D. McDonald: When I was reading through back in '98 or so, pondering the art and science of PDFs as e-books, I was thinking through the very same things. I wonder what the next year or two will bring...

The conviction of being a "functional universalist"...

From T. Elliott Welsh's blog post about Rob Bell comes this convicting commentary: We show we are functioning universalists when we do not share the Gospel with our unsaved friends, family members, co-workers, or neighbors. My response there? Great insights! Just came across this from a reference at the article and you've hit the nail on the head for something I've found personally convicting for a long time. It's like the old metaphor of, "If you _knew_ you had the cure for cancer, wouldn't you tell everyone you knew and do everything in your power to make them listen?" The reality is, we don't live that way when it comes to Jesus. Why? What variation of "lack of faith" does that come from?