My CrashPlan Fail

I love CrashPlan and recommend it whenever and wherever I can, but tonight I've experienced my first "CrashPlan fail" and don't know what to think of it:

Dad was missing a document -- we knew the filename so restoring would be no problem.  He backs up to my computer at my house (he has Comcast, I've got Qwest).  We got that one without any problem.

Then we discovered that a second one was missing.  When I went back into CrashPlan on his computer, I get this message:

"Unable to restore because destination is offline"


It was just online.  What's up?

I can connect to my computer at home from his computer via LogMeIn just fine, so there's nothing inherently broken with our overall connection right now.

Launching CrashPlan at home via LogMeIn, I can see that my work Macintosh has a green dot and is "Waiting for backup"... but Dad's has a grey dot and is "Waiting for connection"...

But I'm sitting right here!  I'm hoping to connect!  Please, please, connect!

We were able to get the latest version of the document via Mozy, but what I need is an older version and Mozy doesn't provide versioning (that I know of)... so I really need that CrashPlan version.

And the whole process has made me wonder if I should be recommending CrashPlan anymore, since a backup that can't be restored from really isn't much of a backup, is it?


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