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Weblogs.Com: Recently Updated Weblogs I've been a bad, bad blogger! Has it really been this long since I actually clicked the silly little "B" in my toolbar? - WebNursery So, what have we been up to lately? Here's a hint. Actually, Ruth has been doing most of the work.
BoldPath Life Strategies I've got to make sure I don't lose this URL! Just spent 5 minutes hunting through my e-mail trying to find it! It's the latest Leary Gates venture -- cool guy, BTW, with lots of good ideas. And I wish I knew who his graphic designer is!
The Saint Paul Pioneer Press Looks like our local park will have a really cool recreation center!
Hughes Network Systems Introduces New DIRECWAY® Broadband Satellite Terminal I have no idea how much it costs, but it might be a solution for Mom and Dad out in Ellsworth...
Can't keep your KBs and MBs straight? Here's an interesting article that explains why it's harder than you think.
If you ever wanted that R2D2 Effect , now it's possible. Almost as cool as an autostereoscopic lenticular display!
Old, cheap wireless stuff with a Powerbook 1400 .
ABORTION, by All of the Top Cartoonists No matter what your opinion is, these will make you think...
An interesting article comparing biological diversity to computing diversity (too much Microsoft) is at
FileMaker Applications: Meetings Someone from my team said this is really cool, so I'm going to have to read about it sometime. - Slander - Liberal Lies About Christianity - Bruce Walker The rhetoric is a bit strong for my taste, but the content is really interesting!
Yahoo! News - Copy Your DVDs So, if I only link to an article that courts may or may not find illegal at some point in the future, am I safe?
Wired 11.09: Learning to Love PowerPoint Hmmm... Looks interesting!
UVA Computer Science: The Oracle of Bacon at Virginia Spooky! I cme across this site last night, and this morning my Dad e-mailed me a NYT article about almost the exact same thing...
Compare Prices and Read Reviews on Roomba Intelligent FloorVac Vacuum at I'll pick one of these up when I want to waste some money. :)
Yahoo! News - Camps cut lines to home Never thought about this one...
The Mac Observer: The Devil's Advocate - iHippies, DRM & TiVo: Apple Files For New Copy Protection Patent [TMO Scoop] I'll have to read the patent they discuss, since it sounds like fairly intuitive technology that has existed in the industry for years...
r o x i o | CD Printing, from Sharpie to High-End Color I worried whether using Sharpies on CD-Rs was a bad idea... and I found out it wasn't: "Simple, plain, cheap (and potentially ugly if your handwriting is poor), the Sanford Sharpie has long been a staple of the CD labeling scene. Simply write on the matte (non-recording) side, and you'll remember what this particular piece of media contains. From the earliest days of CD-R, when a piece of blank media could cost $100, people have always been nervous about writing on the surface of the CD. Could it cause problems down the road? What type of marker should be used? Certainly not a pen with a ball point or any kind of hard tip - that could scratch through the lacquer that protects the top surface of the disc, and damage the reflective layer beneath, where your data is actually recorded. But many of us have used Sanford Sharpie pens for many years without trouble. I have discs which were marked with a Sharpie - news Looks like someone's already building the same thing I want to build... but at $1000 a pop, I think I can do it cheaper!
Cinemaware brings us Defender of the Crown online! Bring back memories with nothing but a browser!
WHen they said that drinking alcohol in a hot tob was harmful, I figured it was all about body temperature and stuff; guess I was wrong... The Saint Paul Pioneer Press : "STILLWATER TOWNSHIP: Heated political debate in hot tub hits boiling point BY AMY BECKER Pioneer Press Tony Kohout's evening in a hot tub with five women turned political and ended with doctors stitching up his eyelid. Kohout ran into a group of women at Brine's Restaurant and Bar in Stillwater on May 24. He knew one of the women from high school. They let him join them in a hot tub at a home in Stillwater Township. For a while it was just the usual story of five high school friends chatting in a hot tub with a guy and some Amstel Light. 'I thought, 'Wow, this is amazing,' ' Kohout said. 'Then it just kind of turned sour.' Talk turned to politics, and Kohout got in a dispute with Anne M. Robinson, 24, of St. Paul. Kohout, 25, of Minneapolis, recalls it this way: Robin
Macromedia - Macromedia Breeze More cool technologies in the world!
kung fu grippe | Honeypot for spam harvesters What a great idea! Wow!
HBS Working Knowledge: Innovation: Steve Jobs and Jeff Bezos meet "Ginger" This was supposed to be "the next big thing". It wasn't. At all. But it makes for an interesting story.
Spam Wars More about SPAM.
The Philadelphia Inquirer Online Proving that those of us who do video editing for folks won't be out of a job anytime really soon...
<a href=">Frontline Stories</a> Read some of these stories and then tell me what a blessed life we lead in this country. Seen any civil war lately? Seen any like these people have? - Talk About It: Is the Christian Church Racist? Not only an interesting question, but some interesting discussion following it up...
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Bubblegum proxypot Now this is a concept! I wonder if you could slow down the confirmations to the SPAMmer so you keep them tied up longer. Hmmm...
Monks Online Found this page having visited, which is a business run by these particular monks. Modern-day monks in Sparta, Wisconsin... - plugged in Here's a Q&A with Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple. Interesting to note that he doesn't see any spectacular innovation coming down the pike... Where do you believe computers will be in 10 years? I don't feel I have that much of a different computer than I had 10 years ago. I was teaching classes, the Internet was coming in. We were doing video editing. It was expensive back then. Five years ago, I did exactly what I do now. I don't feel that how you live life is changing that greatly. OK, now instead of storing something on CDs, I store it on DVDs.
Off The Map Home Page Another cool site... I've got to check out their video clips and see if it fits a seeker.TV concept.
Summit Avenue Project The latest excitement at work...
Googlism This is really cool! Fun to see various posted opinions/statements about stuff.
ePrivacy Group - SpamSquelcher Hmmm... This looks like it might work!
ARCHOS - Cinema to go Now -this- is gonna be cool!
THE FINAL THEORY - Rethinking Our Scientific Legacy I wonder if we'll ever get a unified theory of physics/science...
Bracing against the wind Did I already blog this? Well, if so, here it is again.
Introduction to Machinima- This looks really interesting! Film-making without actors or sets. Hmmm...
Conversive, Inc. Click the "AnswerAgent" button for another example of the technology -- though it's fairly useless on this particular site.
10 Big Myths about copyright explained Just bumbled across an interesting site about copyright...
Oddcast [V]Host Finally! This technology is reaching the masses!
Marcia Wieder, Motivational Speaker, Trainer & Author So, I bought "Doing Less and Having More" up at the library, and I'm about to return it. Kinda interesting; probably worth checking out again.
Bracing against the wind Found this link on Blogspot; seems interesting.
iMatte I've got to figure out how this thing works! Somehow, you attach this to your LCD projector and it masks out the image where you're standing, so you don't get blinding light in your face and a bunch of text appearing on top of your shirt. Hmmm... So You'd Like to... be a pseudo-intellectual? I like this person's perspective.
Lost America Night Photography I'm buying this guy's book the second it comes out!
Lilya 4-Ever (2003) This looks like an even better site to know -- a kind of meta-review site.
RLFF Films > Lilya 4-Ever Looks like an interesting film, but I have no idea how I'd go about seeing it... - Thinking of buying a Segway? Rent one - May. 16, 2003 Now I just have to figure out how to get myself to Spokane...
Einstein Archives Online This looks cool!
Dating a Blogger, Reading All About It There's a reason that you won't read much about my friends, family and co-workers here...
Head case: The Blue Man Group starts its first-ever rock tour I saw this and thought, "Wow, we have to go!" (I never made it down to see them when we were in NY in July 2001) But after listing to their "new and improved rock style", I'm thinking we'll skip it. Audio samples are in the right-hand column of this article.
BLAZERS: Cheeks Anthem Assist One of those great, touching stories. I can only hope I'd have Maurice's guts...
Elizabeth Hunnicutt Went to a Ginny Owens concert up at St. Thomas and saw Elizabeth Hunnicutt as a warmup. Since she mentioned her site, here it is...
Fried and Baked Carbohydrates Linked To Cancer In reading about Liquid Smoke (trying to figure out how to add flavor to grilling...) I across this page, which shows we're all going to die from everything that tastes good. - projects - commodore itx-64 This is absolutely unbelievable!
Coalition to Prevent the Destruction of Canada Geese Having just watched someone this afternoon run down a family of geese on Highway 13 -- he managed to kill only one of the gosslings outright but injured at least one more -- I figured this was an appropriate site.
Bush's "Christian" Blood Cult Here's a... "lively" article.
Reflections on the 25th Anniversary of Spam It's almost as old as I am!
Mind, Brain, and the Experimental Psychology of Consciousness A reference to Gustav Fechner in James Burke's Pinball Effect trigger a search that brought me to this site.
Marketer sues anti-spam crusader The more exposure SPAMmers get, the better chance we have of putting an end to SPAM, right?
Century 21 Metro Realty, Inc. - Waterfront Land Property Details Another retreat option, though Minong isn't exactly close...
Michigan Legislature Subpoint 1c here is a bit frightening, considering it would include any use of encryption over the Internet. "To receive, disrupt, decrypt, transmit, retransmit, acquire, intercept, or facilitate the receipt, disruption, decryption, transmission, retransmission, acquisition, or interception of any telecommunications service without the express authority or actual consent of the telecommunications service provider"
Mercury News | 03/26/2003 | ...but what I really want to do is direct! A god article showing that home video ain't all it's cracked up to be. Books: The Geography of Thought: How Asians and Westerners Think Differently...and Why You know, this looks like an interesting book...
Mercury News | 03/28/2003 | Reporter suspended after protest arrest I'm still alive and well, after a brief period of non-blogging. So, here's a disturbing story. Bad HRD practice, these newspapers!
NinerNet Communications - Phoney Legal Notice Alert! Just got cold-called (at work!) regarding by the "Domain Support Group", trying to get my fax number. NinerNet has posted some nice info about them.
How to block spambots, ban spybots, and tell unwanted robots to go to hell [dive into mark] It's kinda nice to be alerted of a problem and handed a solution all at once!
Do you have a license for that Athlon? Ah, if only...
U.S. backs merging Net, phone numbers | CNET And you thought identifying everyone through SSN was bad? - news This is cool stuff! Small is neat! Books: Desiring God: Meditations of a Christian Hedonist Just came across a reference to this... and with a title like that, I'm going to have to check it out!
Streaming Wireless Video This popped up when I accidentally clicked on something or other. Providential, no?
beliefnet: An Evolving Faith A few details about what makes our president tick...
The Evolution of a Programmer How true it is! - Where Apple G4 MDD Owners solve noise problems Interesting site -- well designed with lots of interesting non-noise-related stuff.
Macworld UK Gotta love Lexmark! Yeah!
The Smoking Gun: Archive In a story about the well known "Dell guy" being busted for possession of pot, these folks win the prize for the clever quip, "Dude, you're getting a cell!"
Utah Guide - Monument Valley With any luck, here's where I'll be going sometime this year!
Why doesn't MSN work with Opera Wow! You'd think a company that was declared a monopoly for bowling over one browser company would be a bit more careful about its attacks on another broswer company, wouldn't you?
Model Rocket Video Camera Australia Cool!!! Fun stuff going on "down under".
Brian Hall: ColorServe An excellent little utility for setting HTML color codes.
GPS Jammers Raise Concern - Computerworld Check... Checkmate...
Master Caster - Sam's Toybox Oh, do I remember this toy! I remember every part of it -- the axles (which would get bent after awhile), the smell of the wax, opening the box on our kitchen floor when my parents had it waiting for me as a surprise one day when I came home from school. I first spotted it at the Ace Hardware on Grand Ave. in St. Paul. Ah, to be young again!!!
NBC Media Village I've -got- to watch this! I've been pondering that needle video in the show open for months!
San Francisco Sidewalk Astronomers I wonder if this works in the Twin Cities?
Uh-oh: Spam's getting more sophisticated - Computerworld You know, if I weren't an ethical person, I'd probably be a pretty good SPAMmer...
The ElectriClerk Wow! If we were in a slightly different technological universe, this would be pretty accurate.
Yahoo! News - Faster, Cheaper Wireless Home Nets Emerge Having gotten myself hooked on our 802.11b network... I can see how this is going to be popular!
MacMegasite - iCommune threatened by Apple You know, Apple wouldn't actually want developers to develop software for their computers, would they?
Fight with computer brings SWAT team Must have been running Windows! :)
The Book PC They just keep getting smaller and smaller...
O'Reilly Network: Swearing Off (and at) My Yahoo [January 15, 2003] Wow! This guy makes a good point!
TechTV | Free Download of the Day: NoHTML in Outlook I think I'm going to give this a try... particularly so SPAMmers can't track whether I've opened their images or not. I wonder how much it will mess things up in my Outlook, though. Hmmm...
EFF Unintended Consequences: Four Years under the DMCA Remember: The DMCA is a bad, bad thing!
NXPowerLite | intelligent compression for Microsoft PowerPoint This looks cool!
HotSauce and Meta-Content Format Another great (or maybe not-so-great) idea that died, and may rise to life again, now that Apple is back into the web browser business...
Wired News: Hotmail: A Spammer's Paradise? Proving once again that Microsoft doesn't care about its customers...
Future Horizons - Advanced Technology, Hoverboards, Lightsabers, Jetpacks, Science Projects, Electronics Kits, Lasers, Tesla Coils, High Voltage Engineering, Plans, Books, Parts, Kits All things cool, interesting, etc. I remember as a kid reading through catalogs of this stuff; now the Internet can bring it to our fingertips!
eBay item 3105559243 (Ends Jan-12-03 15:44:16 PST ) - LARGE 2 ENGINE TYCO HO TRAIN SET EXTRAS N/R Well, if I -really- wanted to, I guess I could buy one... but I think I'll hold off for now.
Fantasy Roads I found my train set! The TYCO "Golden Eagle"! Last one on this page. I wonder if there's more info out there on it... ?
eBay item 3106040895 (Ends Jan-12-03 12:34:36 PST ) - HO OPERATING "GANDY DANCER" HANDCAR w- BOX I remember wanting one of these years and years ago when I got my TYCO train set. They were about $20 then -- way too much money for me. Glad to see they're still available for about the same price! (Of course, I have no idea what this auction will close for, so if it goes for $200 you'll wonder why I can't do math and why I think that's the same as $20...)
Exorcism: Why I'm a Believer By the Rev. Lloyd Prator Subtitled, "I was skeptical about whether the exorcisms I performed were doing anything--until an unseen force grabbed my hand." An interesting article. It seems there are forces out there (somewhere) that we really don't understand...
Spirit Elements - Sheds, Gazebos, Wall Waterfalls, Pellet Stoves, and More. You know, I'm not keen on spending thousands of dollars... but these would be cool for Ellsworth. A little "cabin in the woods" kind of thing...
Welcome to the Family: Avid Free DV This'll be cool... once it finally comes out. I wonder if this is a quick response to Apple's iMovie 3 and Final Cut Express? Hmmm... I'll assume they had it in the works earlier than this morning. :)
Now Corporations Claim The "Right To Lie" So, how far does "free speech" go? And just what is a "corporation", really?
Tech Law Advisor | home Updating my blog with a reference to someone else's. Ain't technology grand?
A warning - the Nigerian scam. A pretty good page of details about a scam (or series of scams) floating around on the Internet. I'm particularly entertained by the "I'm a maiden in distress and only you can help me" scam...
Aver Media I'm thinking that their AverTV Box3 might be just what Berean needs to get their projector to project both computer output and video. Hmmm... - Personal Technology Hmmm.... I'm thinking I just might be able to get my internet connection in the woods after all! (Of course, it might work without this gizmo... but the gizmo is cool anyway!)
Pioneer Press | 01/02/2003 | REGIONAL WEATHER: SIGNS OF SEASON SORELY MISSED Winter's sights, sounds, even smells lacking I thought I was imagining things, but I told Ruth yesterday that it seemed really dark at 5:30 or so. This reporter agrees, noting, "You may have noticed it's even darker than normal when the sun goes down lately. Our finely tuned senses tell us something is wrong — there is no snow on the ground."