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What's "Agreeing with Dobson" a sign of?

I haven't read Jim Dobson's actual words on the topic so I don't know if I truly agree with him or not... but based on the recent post the evangelical outpost: Embracing Naomi: Dobson and Reciprocal Beneficiary Contracts , I think I just might! It looks like he's supporting an initiative in Colorado to have "binding legal contracts" between people, which is something I've suggested for years and years. As the blogger describes it: "The critics of Dobson and this legislation are, in my humble opinion, dead wrong. The bill is not about homosexuality, but about relationships. These relationships could cover a broad range of domestic situations, such as two elderly sisters who share a home or a widowed parent of an adult child who has Down’s syndrome or other potentially disabling condition. Such legal protections should be completely 'desexualized' and open to any two adults who desire to form a contractually dependent relationship." There&

New meaning to "jumping the gun"...

Just came across this story: Cheney Could Face Charges in Shooting - Yahoo! News : "Dallas defense attorney David Finn, who has been a state and a federal prosecutor, said Wednesday that a Texas grand jury could bring a charge of criminally negligent homicide..." Just one problem at this point: Cheney didn't kill anyone! Details, details.

Is asteroid ALH2084 going to hit earth?

According to the Google-translated story (the link to which may or may not work) posted at Science and News - astronomy, Asteroid Alh2804-c, meteor, impact, global killers : "Newest computations show however that the course changed in the letzen months easily and the Asteroiden still more near to the earth will bring. According to estimations of the astronomers of the kit peak Observatory a 98%ige probability exists that the Asteroid collides in August 2006 with the earth." Okay, not terribly clear, sure... but, basically, there's a rumor that we're all going to be killed by a meteor in August. Time to brush up on that Bible reading and church attendance, right? Wrong... that's not what it's about. But, anyway... hey, if it happens, it happens, right? Stay tuned for more information! (P.S... my money is on the story being way, way bogus.)

Is the Sony Reader the wave of the future?

I was just looking over the Sony Reader details and pics - Engadget ... and the comments are the interesting thing. Who knows where this'll go? We'll know in a couple years, right?

SPAM for TV shows? Or not?

So, I got some really strange SPAM in my Yahoo! mail account. Entitled "YO! Brooke", all it said (with no attachments or anything) was: heyyyyy, Just wanted you to know i was thinking about u and am missing you already, cant wait till the weekend when we'll have our own private screeening of FLAVOR OF LOVE.........loll ......... kisses Sadiq Considering "Sadiq" wrote from an e-mail account with the name "Abubakar Raji", which has an e-mail address of "seanjohn4life", I really do think this is SPAM. So, is this an example of "viral marketing" for "Flavor of Love" ? Or what?

The problem with "carved in stone"

The article post Michelle Malkin: SO, WILL OUR SUPREME COURT BE NEXT? raises an interesting problem. In a nutshell, there's a depiction of Mohammed carved into the Supreme Court building. Islamic law prohibits depictions of Mohammed (hence one of the concerns with the recent Danish cartoons). So, now what? Politics and religion (or lack thereof) make strange bedfellows!

BlogThis is broken

Sadly, I've tried twice now to blog a post at MacInTouch using my Google "Blog This" button, and when I click "Publish", it just resets the screen and wipes out everything I've written. Sad.

Banned Cameras?

Third time's a charm in my posting attempt here... In the "I'd never have thought of that!" department, here's something really interesting from today's : A MacInTouch reader pointed out a critical issue for some Apple customers who cannot buy a computer with a built-in video camera, thus ruling out both the iMac and the MacBook: [MacInTouch Reader] It is frustrating to me (and probably a lot of others) that the next-generation Apple notebook has a built-in iSight without the option to not include it. I work in an environment where cameras are a no-no. It's so bad that I cannot even have a camera in my car in the parking lot of the facility. Now, because of the built-in iSight, I cannot even think about upgrading from my personal PowerBook and there is, of course, no way of getting an Apple laptop as a business machine either. Camera-restricted places are becoming more and more common these days, especially in work locations, s

I will never look like Amanda Congdon...

...Therefore, if I ever do a vlog (or launch seeker.TV ) it'll never become as popular as Rocketboom . And I suppose I can't blame the planet for that. :)

News Flash! More evidence of a wedding-like ring...

News flash! More evidence of a wedding-like ring on Kari Byron's finger! (This frame grab taken from the "catch a bullet" segment.) Looks like she's married! UPDATE (June 2006): I've moved all my Kari Byron commentary over to a different site; you're welcome to browse around here... but for anything new, check out the Kari Byron category on .