Banned Cameras?

Third time's a charm in my posting attempt here... In the "I'd never have thought of that!" department, here's something really interesting from today's

A MacInTouch reader pointed out a critical issue for some Apple customers who cannot buy a computer with a built-in video camera, thus ruling out both the iMac and the MacBook:

[MacInTouch Reader] It is frustrating to me (and probably a lot of others) that the next-generation Apple notebook has a built-in iSight without the option to not include it.

I work in an environment where cameras are a no-no. It's so bad that I cannot even have a camera in my car in the parking lot of the facility. Now, because of the built-in iSight, I cannot even think about upgrading from my personal PowerBook and there is, of course, no way of getting an Apple laptop as a business machine either.

Camera-restricted places are becoming more and more common these days, especially in work locations, so devices that include a built-in camera are starting to become less attractive to professionals that the MacBook Pro is targeted for.

Hopefully the next design revision will introduce the option of not having a built-in iSight camera.

As I say, I wouldn't have thought of that... but, unlike Apple, it's not my job to think about that kind of thing, either! Wow!


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