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fs200 canon - Google Search


Has a mic input; need to play with one of ours...



A solution to the Adobe Acrobat Error 1500 when updating

Just had a bunch of problems with trying to update Adobe Acrobat in a computer lab; I'd get the error:

Update Failed
Cannot install the update
Please run Adobe Acrobat Repair
Error: 1500

Running the Adobe Acrobat Repair from the Help menu gave me an error that my U: drive couldn't be found... which is what gave me the solution.

Long story short, our computer labs map the My Documents folder to a network drive but my administrative account doesn't have a network drive so its "My Documents" folder is invalid.

The problem is that the Adobe Acrobat update requires a valid My Documents folder.

Right click My Documents on the desktop, choose "Properties," choose "Restore Default" and get a working path to My Documents, adn the update ran fine -- I didn't even have to run the Adobe Acrobat Repair utility.


On the topic of "what I am"...

I'm not sure I would qualify as (or limit my creativity to) being a "good curator"... But this has some insights for me:

patrickrhone / journal ?? Blog Archive ?? Why I Curate




Folding up the blog?

It's been... quite a few years (7? 8?) and I'm pondering whether I should basically "archive" off the Blogger blog here and move to something different like Posterous (which I'm using at the moment for my "random thoughts that don't fit into Twitter" -- emlarson.posterous.com, if you really want to take a look).

I've also put out a call on Twitter for design advice on emlarson.com in general; it always was an "aggregate of various things and interests" but, at this point, all of those things and interests will fall under a different site (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Posterous, PicasaWeb, YouTube, att.ention.net, etc.) or not at all... right?

Any ideas or suggestions? Drop me a note or leave a comment here... not that it's easy to find the place to comment given how much I've broken the template to get it to conform to the old emlarson.com look-and-feel... but that's a different issue. :)


Vision (or lack thereof)

Just a quick post on something I've been pondering, which might related to my old "leadership" topic.

I think there's a progression from innovation/facts/ideas to possibilities to trends to vision.?? I reserve the right to change those terms later... but they'll do for now.

I'm good with the first two.?? Probably really good, if I do say so myself.?? But moving to "trends" has a predictive element that requires not only a deep knowledge of the topic, but knowlege of people's responses to it (or dumb luck). And "vision" then takes that one step farther, and says "Now that we believe we know what direction this might go, I'm making the value judgment that we ought to go with (or against) it."

  1. Innovation: ??Autosereoscopic Lenticular Displays
  2. Possibility: Using??such displays??in chemistry labs to model molecular structure
  3. Trend/Belief: Schools will be reluctant to adopt before appropriate software is developed and will be willing to pursue this as a "cool thing" once it becomes straightforward
  4. Vision: We should purchase some, partner with developers to create the software, and position ourselves to market the software to other schools??
  1. Fact:?? The population of Suburb X is growing older as the "baby boomers" reach retirement age
  2. Possibility/Connections: These aging people will have special needs (transportation, hearing assistance, etc.) and typical personality tendencies of the elderly
  3. Trend:?? The aging population will flock to local churches who will face the challenge of how to provide for these particular citizens of their local community and "culture clashes" with younger generations will result.
  4. Vision:?? We should launch programs to welcome and enfold them into our population
    • Alternate Vision:?? We should focus on younger gerations and beocome a church that focuses on their needs, as an alternative to the "old people churches" that will become common.

See where this is going??? I'm good with 1 and 2, can do "3" as long as it's a question of "possible trends" and not "authoratitive declatation of which trend I believe will be the actual one".?? But I want to follow, not set the vision; I'm not a #4 guy.

Hmmm.?? Not sure what I think of that answer, but at least I have a lot more clarity and structure around it now!



So THAT's why death is bad!

Just heard the Easter message from Micah Witham at Soulstice and he said something that, believe it or not, I'd never heard explained this way before:

Podcast Title: Soulstice Podcast
Episode: Death Does Not Win
Media URL:

if (FlashDetect.installed) { $('flash_embed-nrrffIqkoJ').show(); $('quicktime_embed-nrrffIqkoJ').hide(); } else { $('quicktime_embed-nrrffIqkoJ').show(); $('flash_embed-nrrffIqkoJ').hide(); }

Podcast feed URL:

The key point is that God is the only One who can create life. Therefore, the ultimate anti-God thing for Satan to do is to bring death. That's why death is such a bad thing, even though we know it will result in an eternal life of the soul in heaven. This might also explain why Jesus wept at the tomb of Lazarus (which always puzzled me; He knew he'd be up and around in a few minutes, so why the tears?).

Ironically, as I was walking down the sidewalk listening to this, I saw a squirrel try to run across four lanes of traffic. As they often do, they make it across three, back two, up another one, back again... He disappeared behind a car, which swerved to avoid him... and when it passed, all that was left was a ball of fluff.

All that life and exuberance, snuffed out in a second.

I'm not weeping for a squirrel, but it was an interesting demonstration of "alive" vs. "dead".



What is the purpose of life?

"You find it more comforting to believe that this is it?"

"I find it more comforting to believe that this... isn't simply a test"




Unbundling church?

Super-profound thought here!

There's been lots of talk lately about "unbundling" higher education. The metaphor given in the conversation is the record industry, where songs were "bundled" into albums -- you bought all the songs at once, mixing in the good with the bad (where the former subsidized the latter).

The latest observation is that at universities, you can't just join the chess club or take one class -- you "enroll as a student" and get a whole bunch of "services" like free campus comedians and basketweaving classes and weight room access, some of which you take advantage of and some of which you don't, but all of which you really pay for. The talk now is about "unbundling" university services -- e.g. let students take one class for a fee -- because if you don't, they're going to figure out a way to do it (e.g. take a class from University of Phoenix and then transfer the credit to a university that's willing to accept it).

Got the idea?

I wonder if there's value in using the same "bundling" language to describe church services.

Think about it. On a typical Sunday morning, you have some sort of adult teaching hour or "Sunday School" or Bible Study. Then there's the "worship service" which consists of singing, observing a performance or two, giving money, hearing about upcoming events, prayer, communion (sometimes), and a teaching sermon.

It's a package deal. I suppose you could show up late for the sermon (or leave early before the sermon, depending on your preferences), but that's seen as tacky; most people take the whole thing, the "good" with the "bad".

But... today's "televangelists" have "unbundled" that and offer the teaching/sermon separately.

And while not terribly popular, things like the iWorship DVD series offer the "worship" portion (missing the collective element, of course), and finding a good religious "performance" on radio or YouTube or even PBS is easy.

I even saw Perry Stone talking about taking communion at home (on a Paula White show a year or so ago -- consider the source, but it's an interesting concept at least).

I have no idea how today's church service compares to the church in Acts (which, I suppose you could argue, was even more "bundled" as they lived life together in community)... but I wonder if this "unbundling" is going to be the wave of the future in the church community?

Thoughts? Any other examples that I'm missing?



By a thread...

I've found that physically challenging times bring me closest to the "spiritual" -- not simply because they trigger "God, I want the pain to end" moments, but because they're a tangible, inescapable reminder of just how fragile and fleeting our lives in "earthen vessels" are.

Jonathan Edwards wrote in "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God" of dangling over the fires of hell like a spider on a thread. But we all dangle just as precariously over a life after stroke, aneurysm, ruptured disc, cancer diagnosis, or hundreds of other challenges.

I remember visiting the Body Worlds exhibit with a doctor friend of mine (who eagerly brought along his anatomy textbook for reference). It was in 2006, during a sciatica flare-up, so my ears perked up at a woman and her 30-something daughter examining a skeleton with spinal nerves suspended in air, intact. "Right there, that's the disc that's causing it" they said, marveling at the interwoven strings of nerve fibers. They were clearly discussing the same problem that I had... And it was amazing that a tiny bulge agains an even tinier nerve could affect an entire body (and mind).

So if you're out there enjoying good health right now, thank God for it (your choice; ask me for recommendations if you're searching) and then pray that you can openly receive the insights you need without getting a wake-up call of fear and pain to make you listen.



Wondering about Foursquare's future

"Dear Foursquare, I've Checked Out" from Pattern Interrupt http://bradoneill.com/dear-foursquare-ive-checked-out



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