Vision (or lack thereof)

Just a quick post on something I've been pondering, which might related to my old "leadership" topic.

I think there's a progression from innovation/facts/ideas to possibilities to trends to vision.?? I reserve the right to change those terms later... but they'll do for now.

I'm good with the first two.?? Probably really good, if I do say so myself.?? But moving to "trends" has a predictive element that requires not only a deep knowledge of the topic, but knowlege of people's responses to it (or dumb luck). And "vision" then takes that one step farther, and says "Now that we believe we know what direction this might go, I'm making the value judgment that we ought to go with (or against) it."

  1. Innovation: ??Autosereoscopic Lenticular Displays
  2. Possibility: Using??such displays??in chemistry labs to model molecular structure
  3. Trend/Belief: Schools will be reluctant to adopt before appropriate software is developed and will be willing to pursue this as a "cool thing" once it becomes straightforward
  4. Vision: We should purchase some, partner with developers to create the software, and position ourselves to market the software to other schools??
  1. Fact:?? The population of Suburb X is growing older as the "baby boomers" reach retirement age
  2. Possibility/Connections: These aging people will have special needs (transportation, hearing assistance, etc.) and typical personality tendencies of the elderly
  3. Trend:?? The aging population will flock to local churches who will face the challenge of how to provide for these particular citizens of their local community and "culture clashes" with younger generations will result.
  4. Vision:?? We should launch programs to welcome and enfold them into our population
    • Alternate Vision:?? We should focus on younger gerations and beocome a church that focuses on their needs, as an alternative to the "old people churches" that will become common.

See where this is going??? I'm good with 1 and 2, can do "3" as long as it's a question of "possible trends" and not "authoratitive declatation of which trend I believe will be the actual one".?? But I want to follow, not set the vision; I'm not a #4 guy.

Hmmm.?? Not sure what I think of that answer, but at least I have a lot more clarity and structure around it now!


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