So THAT's why death is bad!

Just heard the Easter message from Micah Witham at Soulstice and he said something that, believe it or not, I'd never heard explained this way before:

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Episode: Death Does Not Win
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The key point is that God is the only One who can create life. Therefore, the ultimate anti-God thing for Satan to do is to bring death. That's why death is such a bad thing, even though we know it will result in an eternal life of the soul in heaven. This might also explain why Jesus wept at the tomb of Lazarus (which always puzzled me; He knew he'd be up and around in a few minutes, so why the tears?).

Ironically, as I was walking down the sidewalk listening to this, I saw a squirrel try to run across four lanes of traffic. As they often do, they make it across three, back two, up another one, back again... He disappeared behind a car, which swerved to avoid him... and when it passed, all that was left was a ball of fluff.

All that life and exuberance, snuffed out in a second.

I'm not weeping for a squirrel, but it was an interesting demonstration of "alive" vs. "dead".


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