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"Put Your Arms Around Me" lyrics

I heard a hauntingly pretty song by some nameless young woman on the Muzack in the coffee shop and wanted to look it up. But what was that lyric? "You put your arms around me and hold"? "You put your arms around me and fall"? I couldn't make it out, and there sure are a lot of songs out there about arms doing hugging-like things... but I got lucky: It's Christina Perry singing "Arms" and the lyric is: "You put your arms around me and I'm home." Which is beautifully poetic... but since she turns "and I'm home" into one melodic syllable it's really hard to figure out what she's singing. Now you can Google "Christina Perry Arms" and see what you can come up with. You're welcome. :)

Making you the center of a personal network of technology resources?

Citing the mission/vision/founding statement of the IT @ Illinois organization ( ): "IT@Illinois is dedicated to advancing research, education, and public service by making every potential contributor the center of an unbounded personal network of social and technical resources." Sally Jackson spoke at EDUCAUSE about this "new" idea of support. (Details at ) I love, love, love this. I've got to ponder it more and see how it fits into a notion of a health technology support paradigm. And I thought I documented it somewhere before but can't find it for the life of me, so apologies to my readers if this is redundant...


[ ]Eric M. Larson (@emlarson) 7/19/11 9:50 AM "Create a community of inquiry" per @jrhode at #USTblended - wise, but volatile and hard if the environment isn't truly safe. I think every community has a set of unchallenged assumptions that are taboo to question. What kind of ostracism do participants face when they start to wrestle with those openly? Workplace? Sunday School? Family?

Another thing in the "to read" pile...

...and that fact alone might tell me something. "10 Things That Hold You Back from Outrageous Success - Dumb Little Man - Tips for Life"

When comments go bad

I'm so angry at the comment process, I could spit. That's what I get for bothering to engage on their site. It was Paul Walsh's story about the Farmers Airship arriving in the Twin Cities (lifted from the press release) that got me interested in watching the landing with my daughters. In the article, Walsh wrote that "In a nod to its sponsor, the airship is scheduled to pass over the Farmers Insurance regional headquarters in Bloomington." If you don't know where that is, Google the phrase and you'll find: That office is easy to find; it's at the corner of 494 and 100 which, to my non-local readers, is a major intersection north of the Flying Cloud airport where the airship was heading. We watched the tracking site from our home in Eagan and I left with my girls at what seemed like a reasonable time, and saw the ship in the distant sky to our south-west

Mashup waiting to happen

???Good Life??? by OneRepublic plus "Am I Wrong" by Love Spit Love would work well.

Introverts and conferences usually don't mix...

But I'm hoping that this article helps me...