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AG planting structure?

I wonder what the story is behind Deep Springs Church being planted next to Stone Church? Sure, there's more than enough of God to go around, but given that (as I understand it) the AG has some sort of planned distribution of who-has-what-church-where, this must be intentional... Yet they're not sharing the same AG building that Stone Church meets in? Anyone know the scoop?

Structure of mind/will/etc.

I was struggling and struggling to remember where I had heard this and I finally found it!!! Thanks to Google (for prompting the right connections deep in my mind that could be pried out otherwise): That'll take you to the right page in Greg Boyd's book with a better pair of graphics than I can represent here. I think there's a lot of truth in this model; gotta ponder it some more??? It was referenced by Rob Ketterling last Saturday in the "re[think]" series at River Valley Church (January 15): (starts at 6:50 into the video) Graphic: God's Original Design (top-down): Lord /
Spirit /
Mind /
Body /
World /
Satan Satan's Design (bottom-up): Spirit

The problem with Calvinism

Every so often over the years I encounter extreme Five-Point Calvinists who aren't content to leave the topic at "polite conversation about a centuries-old debate." I don't think that the nuances of our theologies about an infinite God reflect on our salvation... but I do think that our attitudes about those theologies might be cause for concern. Put bluntly: If you're convinced that you have God's mind all figured out, that's a frighteningly clear sign that you don't. Roger Thompson (of Berean Baptist Church), when speaking on Galatians, happened to perfectly sum up why I get concerned about people who brag about their Calvinism: "A small inaccuracy about the gospel is a lie about God and it steals your oxygen of Grace." He goes on to explain the reasoning behind our shunning of grace: "And we desert Grace for one simple reason: We want to improve God's idea. We believe it's inadequate. It's too simple, it's too op…

Daily Bible by eye and ear

It's been a few years since I've read through the Bible cover-to-cover and I think it's time to do it again. I used to subscribe to the Daily Audio Bible and didn't realize how much I missed Brian Hardin's voice and personality. So, I'm going to try for both; let's see if I can form a habit. Kicking off this year: Podcast Title: 1 Year Daily Audio Bible
Episode: DAB January 1 - 2012
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Pondering GPS

Given my TeleNav GPS Plus fail (see my review at for details) I'm now debating between a TomTom and a Garmin. The TomTom has audio speed alerts but they apparently don't trigger until you're violating the speed limit by several MPH; the Garmin has a display indicator at 1 MPH but no audio indicator. I'd lean toward the TomTom since I don't want to be staring at a display while I drive, but the reviews say it takes a really long time to acquire a satellite signal. Decisions, decisions!