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Absent from the body...

Just heard a reference to 2nd Corinthians 5:8 at the basis for the famous quote "Absent from the body, present with the Lord" -- the theology that when Christians die they're instantly in heaven with Jesus. That contradicts the "soul sleep" theology of the Seventh Day Adventists, which we'll save for another day. Anyway, Paul's actual quote is "We are confident, I say, and would prefer to be away from the body and at home with the Lord." I don't see how you necessarily get "immediate transformation" from that. For instance, if I say, "I would prefer to be away from Minnesota and at home in Hawaii" (which, if I weren't okay with wintertime, might be the feeling right now)... that doesn't mean that the process of getting from Minnesota to Hawaii wouldn't involve long flights, invasive TSA agents, lost luggage, etc. So, what are the verses and arguments against a "soul sleep" theology?

My niche is me?

Haven't read a ton of his stuff yet, but it looks like I might have a kindred spirit in Sam R. Hall ( -- at least in terms of what he blogs about? (Hat tip to my new-found design model Ian for linking to him...)

Successfully minimalist design

I love Ian P. Hines' site ( as a clean, straightforward personal site. Not sure if I'd go with icons over text, but they sure are simple!

If you name it, they will come...?

Just found the new (to me) term “Web-Based Lecture Technologies”, which I like, even if the WBLT acronym is a bit awkward: “Web-based lecture technologies: Highlighting the changing nature of teaching and learning”

Calvinism and more

I just same across this blog and have got to read more of it – extremely interesting so far… (And the post that started my interest: )

A note on a ministry

Just heard about Urban homeworks ( -- interesting that they said they complement Habitat for Humanity because they'll do rehab for rentals. Probably too much risk to my back to get involved in this "on the ground," but worth looking into...

Fly, little butterfly!

When we spotted a little chrysalis hanging on Mom and Dad's porch railing in the late summer, we wondered if anything was alive in there. This little guy (or gal?) emerged in... November! Not sure if it made it down to Capistrano (or wherever Monarchs go?)... But we can hope!

SMBMSP #31 de-brief

Not that anyone's interested in reading about me or my thoughts (that's not self-deprecating false humility; it's proof that I have a firm grasp on reality), but I figured I'd expand on a couple comments or lines-of-thought from this morning's Social Media Breakfast. And, if nothing else, you can learn something about the grateful (but reserved when not on Twitter) guy who won the MixMobi give-away. First, brief background: I've worked at the University of St. Thomas full-time since 1996 in one form or another of "academic technology support". When I finished my M.A. in Human Resource Development (a field that you can steer in the "career coaching" or "instructional design" directions -- I went with the latter) I moved over to the Web and Media Services department as a Business Analyst, where I first encountered the Social Media Breakfast (and attended meeting #3). I've attended off-and-on (mostly "on") ever since.

Differentiation in education Social Media is A Valuable Tool to Create Differentiation in a Commoditized Industry | Your Social Move

Building a dream...

That's not as profound as it sounds. A year or so ago I had a dream about skateboarding down a hill at Camp Sacajawea (sp?) here in Eagan (heading down Pilot Knob southbound toward McAndrews... but I digress) and ending up in a cabin at the bottom; there was what looked like an electrified oil lamp with a red cloth shade that was "flickering". I wonder if something like that could be built with nitinol wires? A quick Googling from the Blackberry brought this up, and I'll need to ponder it some more... Caroline Saint Romain:

Trickle-down thanks...

[wpvideo KxRCSDOn] For my coworkers Ruth and Tom...

Plagarism is bad I wonder if the incident did indeed deserve to kill the magazine...

Changing of the 'CCO guard Some of us (not many) remember when Don Shelby was "the new kid" on Ron Handberg's I-TEAM. Those were amazing times; the Twin Cities is better off because of their work.

The pace isn't what it seems...

Well put:

The art of "thankfulness"

Tusen.Tk was born from one of those random collisions of ideas that form a "synergistic moment" of some kind: Having read of Joel Comm's Project Grateful  I had that rattling around in the back of my mind when I discovered that the folks behind .TK domains gave them away for free. A memory of a visit from Norwegian relatives in 1983 and the reminder that "tusen takk" means "thanks a lot" or "thank you very much" (translated literally as "a thousand thanks") triggered the inspiration for the site. But what's Tusen.Tk actually going to be ?  I don't know.  Any suggestions? To keep the domain free, I need to generate some traffic to it.  (So "Cute Thankful Kittens!!!" could be an option?  Maybe not...)  And to "keep food on the family" (hat tip to a former president for that one) it would be great to "monetize the blog" as they say... but, to be blunt, I don't think there's much m

A mystery poem...

Years ago when Ruth and I were first married and eBay was in the realm of "somewhat popular," I bought a set of inexpensive vintage Haynes prints of Yellowstone National Park. They were very nice (four still hang framed in our living room) and arrived with their original envelope... ...on the back of which was written an old "poem" of sorts, in all capital letters, pencil on brown paper: SMILE WITH ME MERRILY SING TO ME DREAMILY LOVE WITH ME THE COLOR OF HER EYES AND ENJOY WITH ME THE SMELL OF HER THIGHS AND GIVE TO HER THE SONGS OF A THOUSAND MINSTRELS THE CHIRPING OF BIRDS A SOFT BLUE LULLABY SMILE WITH HER AND I'LL BE SMILING TOO TASTE HER WARM LIPS SMELL HER RADIANT HAIR TOUCH HER SMOOTH WHITE SKIN LISTEN TO HER WORDS +        SHE'LL DANCE LIKE AN ENCHANTRESS WITH HER HEAD IN A RAINBOW AND HER FEET SURROUNDED WITH LILIES      AMONGST I'm no poet (though I'm pretty sure that lines like "smell her radiant hair" are... bad. Unless her h

Planning for a good day?

Words to live by... I think; I haven't had time to read the full post: patrickrhone / journal ?? Blog Archive ?? Good Day (A Recipe)

"Strategic Tutoring"?

An interesting reference at ~18:00; I need to re-listen and ponder... Plus the later reference to "Highrise" and CRM because tutoring conversations are "out of band" and the data/knowledge there is being lost... Podcast Title: EDUCAUSE | Podcasts Episode: E10 Session Podcast: Openness, Data, and a Sustainable Future for Education Media URL: if (FlashDetect.installed) { $('flash_embed-fzIGCbigCC').show(); $('quicktime_embed-fzIGCbigCC').hide(); } else { $('quicktime_embed-fzIGCbigCC').show(); $('flash_embed-fzIGCbigCC').hide(); } Podcast feed URL: