The art of "thankfulness"

Tusen.Tk was born from one of those random collisions of ideas that form a "synergistic moment" of some kind: Having read of Joel Comm's Project Grateful I had that rattling around in the back of my mind when I discovered that the folks behind .TK domains gave them away for free.

A memory of a visit from Norwegian relatives in 1983 and the reminder that "tusen takk" means "thanks a lot" or "thank you very much" (translated literally as "a thousand thanks") triggered the inspiration for the site.

But what's Tusen.Tk actually going to be?  I don't know.  Any suggestions?

To keep the domain free, I need to generate some traffic to it.  (So "Cute Thankful Kittens!!!" could be an option?  Maybe not...)  And to "keep food on the family" (hat tip to a former president for that one) it would be great to "monetize the blog" as they say... but, to be blunt, I don't think there's much money to be made in the "gratitude niche".

So, what's my next step?


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