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What's "extra"?

Pick your distinct denomination (Catholicism, LDS, Adventist) that has a set of unique doctrines in addition to yours. Are those doctrines simply superfluous and unnecessary, or are they a detrimental undermining that contradict the true Gospel? How do you tell? How/should do you maintain fellowship with those individuals? With those churches?

RIP Rifr

You know how life has those "I should do that someday..." moments?  For years I've had "check out Rifr" on my to-do list.  But now it's gone.  It was cool, I think.  I would know, had I checked it out...

Finding missing persons...

Now that the latest missing teen in my circle of friends has been found, I've removed the original text from my Facebook search post, because effective social-media calls end up accidentally lasting longer than necessary and that just confuses things.  But, in the process, I lost this text and I want to repost it because it's an important glimpse of my heart on the issue:    "Odds are she's safe of her own free will, but a family's love doesn't play the odds and neither does the law when it comes to minors.  And if she's not safe, time is of the essence.  Let's get her found, then hash out the questions and family dynamics later."   And I stand by that.  When kids go missing (and adults too, but primarily with teens), particularly girls, there's this weird social undercurrent of "she probably just ran away, looking to gain attention with some drama." Maybe, I suppose.  Maybe not.  It doesn't matter. The odds of really