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Biblical sexual morality?

Question: how should today's church deal with unrepentant members who have remarried after a non-adulterous divorce? Jesus very clearly says that those individuals are committing adultery now, and Paul very clearly says that adulterers won't inherit the Kingdom of Heaven. Yet these people expect their marriages to be tolerated (and sometimes even celebrated) by the church. How can we "love the sinner, hate the sin" for these people who often don't even acknowledge their sinful lifestyle?

Where to meet?

Brainstorming for friend: what are options for having a weekly Wednesday evening class of 30 (or more) adults? I have so far: Churches Hotels (paid) Restaurants. City or county parks (paid - e.g. Eagan has a couple classroom-type spaces affiliated with parks) Schools (not sure if they're open in the summer) Medical-type clinics (e.g. I went to a River Valley morning men's group that met at a member's chiropractic office before they opened) Corporate office (e.g. a bank's boardroom or lobby after hours.) Furniture store (plenty of seating but it's poorly arranged by default) Free covered parking ramp; you could "tailgate" there in inclement weather. Nearby open parking lot; you could "tailgate" there in good weather. (Bugs probably aren't too bad in the wide-open paved area?) The new Total Wine store in Burnsville has a really nice classroom for wine-tasting classes; if they weren't holding a Wednesday night class, they might

Eric M. Larson thought you would be interested in this song

Pandora is a free music service that helps you listen to and discover new music. Never heard this one until #pandora popped it up. Enjoy!

Crashing Through: The Extraordinary True Story of the Man Who Dared to See

An Evangelical Case for Gay Wedding Cakes "Consider the story in 2 Kings 5 of God's kindness to Naaman, a foreigner suffering from leprosy. After being healed Naaman devoted himself entirely to Israel's God and vowed to worship no other. There remained one problem. Naaman was a servant of the King of Syria who worshiped another deity. Being old and weak, the King needed Naaman's help kneeling during worship. Naaman asked the Lord, through Elisha, to excuse him for this action. Elisha responded, "Go in peace." Naaman was not told to refuse service to his master, or to not enter the "house of Rimmon" the foreign deity. Instead God permitted Naaman to continue serving the Syrian king and to even kneel before the idol because he understood that Naaman's loyalty belonged to the Lord."