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Transactions vs Trust

Listening to The RobCast (Episode 14 | You Are Always With Me And Everything I Have Is Yours):

God has longings

This episode contains an excellent summary of the biblical fact that God has longings and sorrows and truly does wish for us to engage freely in his redemptive plan. To deny that is to say that the Biblical account of Christ's passion week is incorrect, or that Jesus was some sort of odd chimera who wasn't truly suffering and didn't truly mean what he said. There are many people argue those things, but that's certainly not an evangelical perspective.  Which is why I find it frustrating when I hear evangelicals express one or the other or sometimes both in contradiction.  John Eldredge and Ransomed Heart (Audio) (Easter. Really. Day 5: Thursday): A special eight-part series where John Eldredge takes you into Jesus' internal world - from Palm Sunday to the empty tomb.