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Office Noise!

X??4 Every few minutes, the radiator in my office is making this sound – I flipped on a recording app in the background so I could capture how bad it is.  It starts with a flat tone like your usual “bars and tone” calibration audio, which gives warning to that you should plug your ears for the high-pitched buzz that’s coming. It didn’t do this last year; here’s hoping it stops once the heating season is in full swing…

Just what is a "college education"...?

At 38 minutes in or so there's an interestong discussion of "open universities" via an audience member... Podcast Title: EDUCAUSE | Podcasts Episode: EDU11: Chronicle Tech Trends Media URL: if (FlashDetect.installed) { $('flash_embed-GBAdJfHeFl').show(); $('quicktime_embed-GBAdJfHeFl').hide(); } else { $('quicktime_embed-GBAdJfHeFl').show(); $('flash_embed-GBAdJfHeFl').hide(); } Podcast feed URL:

What's a Sabbath?

Yesterday I started pondering the idea of a weekly "sabbath" with the self-convicting question of whether two half-sabbaths (a few hours on Saturday, a few hours on Sunday) could "count" as a sabbath day -- bearing in mind that the Sabbath was created not for God but for us (Mark 2:27). Long story short, I don't think ".5 + .5 = 1" will cut it. This morning, a friend of mine reminded me that the original Jewish Sabbath "day" was defined as sundown to sundown. Hmmm. Sundown on Saturday to sundown on Sunday wouldn't help get past the work involved in administration of our Adult Sunday School (which is the thing that keeps Sundays from being as "restful" as they might be otherwise)... but sundown on Friday to sundown on Saturday just might work. That only makes sense when a "sabbath" is defined not as a legalistic absence of any sort of labor or exertion and is taken instead as a focus on personal renewal. The decidi

Is Geotoko a scam?

When I made a regular visit and checked in last month I saw a reference to the "Bruegger's Foursquare Promotion" through Geotoko. I carefully read the rules posted at: Those rules clearly say: 6. HOW TO CLAIM YOUR PRIZE: Contest Potential Winner(s) will be published on the Contest Winner(s) page, available at . The Contest Potential Winner(s) will have to click on the ???CLAIM PRIZE??? button beside their name, authorize themselves using the Location Based Service used to enter, and then submit their contact details. The Contest Potential Winner will then be contacted (using the contact details provided during the prize claim) by the sponsor for details on how to redeem their prize... But that promotion page still touts the contest, which ended October 19th. I've been checking daily, waiting for the results to be post