Is Geotoko a scam?

When I made a regular visit and checked in last month I saw a reference to the "Bruegger's Foursquare Promotion" through Geotoko. I carefully read the rules posted at:

Those rules clearly say:

6. HOW TO CLAIM YOUR PRIZE: Contest Potential Winner(s) will be published on the Contest Winner(s) page, available at The Contest Potential Winner(s) will have to click on the ???CLAIM PRIZE??? button beside their name, authorize themselves using the Location Based Service used to enter, and then submit their contact details. The Contest Potential Winner will then be contacted (using the contact details provided during the prize claim) by the sponsor for details on how to redeem their prize...

But that promotion page still touts the contest, which ended October 19th. I've been checking daily, waiting for the results to be posted, but it went long enough that I finally emailed Geotoko support to ask what the situation was.

They said the contest had ended, they sent the winners to Bruegger's, and the prizes had already been awarded.

How can prizes have been awarded if there was no page to claim them and verify your identity with the "claim prize" button? Or was that simply not true and there really isn't any list of "winners" out there?

I suppose it's just another example of incompetence rather than secrecy or nefarious activity... But when a company like Geotoko doesn't abide by its own published terms, isn't that a bad sign? If you were a business looking to drum up customers with a contest, would you want to disappoint otherwise happy ones (like yours truly) by contracting with a company that misleads them?


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