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What causes fights and quarrels among us?

Interesting little article that argues Atheism, not religion, is the real force behind the mass murders of history |

John Murtha on Abortion

They're not common, but pro-life (or, at least, "not really pro-choice") Democrats do exist. Check out John Murtha on Abortion -- something particularly interesting considering his potential political clout if Nancy Pelosi gets her way.

One year later, YouTube saves the day!

Faithful readers of my blog might remember my post about Limited Warranty (and the spectacular music-related memory of my friend and former roommate, Drew). Well... as I'm waiting for a DVD clip to encode, I started poking around YouTube looking for things related to the "Twin Cities" and came across THE ACTUAL CONCERT!!! I can't believe it!

Blast from the past...

Not only do I remember this event, but I sure remember these newscasts! And the anchors! Okay, I admit that I didn't see the 10PM report very much and was more of a 5PM or 6PM report kind of guy at the time... (For those who can't see this or don't want to play it... it's the first few minutes of the 10PM Report from 1981, updating the Twin Cities on the condition of Ronald Reagan after his assasination attempt, anchored by a very young Don Shelby and Pat Miles.)

Kari Byron is back!

Ever since that FHM layout, I don't think there's much interest in the standard old Kari screen captures... but, this being Wednesday night, I know there are lots of folks out there who are going to be hitting my blog looking for Kari Byron information! Sorry -- I don't have much for you at the moment. I've been on a Kari break for awhile, but just started watching Mythbusters again. So I don't even have any good Kari gossip. How about you? Leave a comment! :) UPDATE (June 2006): I've moved all my Kari Byron commentary over to a different site; you're welcome to browse around here... but for anything new, check out the Kari Byron category on .