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Time Travel with Windows Live Local

I'm not sure that this will work for you, but try these two links: House before development , versus House after development . Weird, huh?

Bad Vista Experiences

I'm starting to think that neither Vista nor Microsoft is ready for prime time. I've been "beta testing" the public release (Build 5384) for awhile now, off-and-on, and thought I'd make use of the holiday weekend to play with it more. Bad idea. Long story short, there's a "Release Candidate" out there for Vista, but I sure can't figure out how to get it. As a registered "beta 2" person, you'd think maybe they'd tell me about it. But, no. And when I go to the Microsoft site to download it, it says that the beta is closed. So, I'm stuck with Build 5384, which has issues. After fighting with graphics problems since the very start -- the mouse pointer shows up bright white, but the rest of the screen is a dim grey, like it's half-faded; ATI's brand new drivers for the Release Candidate seem to have fixed it in my beta -- I'm now stuck with Remote Access problems. Long story short, there's no way I can connect

Jericho vs. Warday

Does anyone else out there think that the early info on CBS's Jericho sounds a lot like the premise of the Whitley Strieber/James Kunetka novel "Warday" from the 1980s?