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Automatic home-building?

Concrete isn't a very eco-friendly material, but the blog posting of Next Big Future: Built for Speed: Printing Buildings is really interesting on the "how to build more homes for people, better and faster" topic.

What I don't get yet (and, yes, that's because I haven't read about it in detail) is how you can build on top of concrete when you have the issue of curing it -- unless you build really slowly. But I'm sure I'm just missing something...

So I'm listening to...

So I'm listening to a podcast and I got an idea, there's a reference to a competitive ecosystem being more healthy for innovation. The contacts being cable companies where there's competition the prices are lower if there is no competition prices are higher, and that's harmful for start ups like Utube sort of organization. Well I wonder if the same thing applies to biological ecosystems, where if you have competition the ecosystem is healthier over all. I have no idea. And I wonder if jott will handle this long if it gets posted to blogger. listen

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Driving home, and using...

Driving home, and using Jott supposed to blogger. Apparently, I have 30 seconds. I don't know if it puts in periods or not. Now that I've mentioned period maybe it will actually join an extra period. But I've been using this for twitter. It's been working pretty well. I'm trying to carry on so much, so I can squeeze into 30 seconds. Maybe it's the way I can give back eventually(?) blogging heamit(?). listen

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