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Two reasons to work at home...

"Growth Maven vs. Lifestyle Guru" -- interesting distinction! Podcast Title: Blog Business Success | Blog Talk Radio Feed
Episode: Jeffrey Landers: The Home Office from Hell Cure - Apr 18,2008
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The Battle of Algiers - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia I find I'm using Posterous as a remote bookmarking service, which is fine but not really its best use...

Komar and Melamid: The Artists and the Project What a brilliant (and entertaining, and informative) idea. Just encountered it as an example from an art history professor.

VHL Technical Support Center I'm wondering how many disciplines this could relate to? Hmmm...


Quick poll of a deep question I'm pondering; help me out here. "Denominations are..." A) "...evil works of Satan trying to divide the church and draw people away from the One True Church (which is perfectly represented in _____)" B) "...healthy opportunities to engage with different spiritual truths which, while contradictory and thus one is 'wrong,' are not 'salvation issues' (e.g. Calvinism vs. Arminianism)" C) "...fine as reflections of stylistic preference but dangerous if they stray from right theology (which is represented in _____)" D) "

Still trying to collect my life

I mentioned in passing on a recent Ericast that I've owned "since 2002". I have... but I bought it in December of 2000 so I've owned it for longer than that. Why was "2002" stuck in my brain? Because it's this Blogger blog that I've "owned" (have been writing at) since then.

But what should I write here?

This "home" pre-exists Posterous, Twitter, Facebook, etc. etc. etc. I bumbled into the popularity of mentions of Kari Byron and Ginger Alexander (which I moved over to once I realized that there were people out there who were searching for them) which really have nothing to do with me as a person, but which became hyper-popular.

I've dabbled in Google AdSense here... and found that people might read about TV starlets but that doesn't mean they're motivated to buy anything that someone might want to advertise with those starlets in mind.

Looking back eight years, this blog started out as a &…

Big Tent Christianity

The more things change...

Just came across an interesting quotation from Peter Coffee -- a decade ago, when the conversations about the value of PCs on the desktop were ramping up. This was a good reminder at the time; now, the "cost pendulum" seems to have swung the other way? Peter Coffee, ???Pernicious Patents Imperil Programming???, PC Week, February 14, 2000:
???We didn???t need PCs to deliver end-user applications, a task that was once performed by time-share terminals and that will be performed by Internet appliances. We did need PCs to let people experiment without justifying machine time and without concern for disrupting ???production??? programs.???

201008 Karis Ge1

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But what IS it? The Push Institute ??? Push the Future Gotta read up on this site when I'm not stuck on Blackberry...

Can Christians make "commands"?

Apparently, Rick Warren has gotten in trouble.  Here’s a blog post about it: Warren Tweeted: I challenge any church in America to match the spiritual maturity, godliness and commitment of any 500 members of Saddleback. The blog author (Jared Wilson) argues that: Stating (unsinful) pride in one's church, however, is different than challenging others to measure up to its awesomeness. "I challenge" you "to match" us? This is beyond pride in one's church and into boasting in one's superiority over another. Yet the Apostle Paul in 1 Corinthians 11:1 boldly asserts:  “Follow my example, as I follow the example of Christ.” Note that Paul  didn’t merely say “Follow the example of Christ” (though I would argue that he does make that clear elsewhere) but says quite plainly “Follow my example”. Isn’t that a challenge?  So… our possible options: Paul was wrong to make his challenge to the CorinthiansOnly apost…

How do you answer this theology?

From: @jamesshelley
Sent: Aug 10, 2010 12:54p RT @martyryl: God loves you unconditionally and can do anything, except forgive your sins, apart from the "condition" that you believe he killed his son?! On Twitter:

Post-Inception dreams

I survived last night without anything _too_ weird, though the rabid penguin was a nice touch. For no particular reason other than entertainment, here's a summary of last night's dream: Set in a house w/ elevator
Some sort of group event/tour going on
4th floor closed
Rooms more cluttered as dream went on
At end, a tour bus was going to take us to dinner at a town 15 minutes away rather than the usual "dinner on the train" that the group had been experiencing. I was sitting about halfway back on the driver's side. Can't remember the destination name but I knew it in the dream and it felt like it was down-river from Red Wing (maybe a mental corruption of Winona or Red Wing itself?)
Segment in a recycling yard (unrelated?) that felt like it was located near 280 and Como (on the west side, near the Goodwill?). Garbage trucks were backing up and pulling in; different people were around sorting construction debris off trailers. There was a pile of corrougated fr…

"Social Capital"?

Does "social capital" motivate people who aren't Words of Affirmation people like I am? Because I don't know about you, but I'd be happy to kill time in an I'm world helping out my friends. (It's like Yahoo Answers, but with friendship and social connections...) Podcast Title: APM: Future Tense
Episode: What will be search for tomorrow?
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Communities of Practice to read up on...

The Kodak Zi8 has a mic jack, which is a start...

A wireless mic option?

But what camera(s) would this work with? Sony ECM-HW2 Bluetooth Wireless Microphone Review

Why doesn't this exist?!? Philip Greenspun's Weblog ?? Best camcorder with built-in wireless microphone system?