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I mentioned in passing on a recent Ericast that I've owned "since 2002". I have... but I bought it in December of 2000 so I've owned it for longer than that. Why was "2002" stuck in my brain? Because it's this Blogger blog that I've "owned" (have been writing at) since then.

But what should I write here?

This "home" pre-exists Posterous, Twitter, Facebook, etc. etc. etc. I bumbled into the popularity of mentions of Kari Byron and Ginger Alexander (which I moved over to once I realized that there were people out there who were searching for them) which really have nothing to do with me as a person, but which became hyper-popular.

I've dabbled in Google AdSense here... and found that people might read about TV starlets but that doesn't mean they're motivated to buy anything that someone might want to advertise with those starlets in mind.

Looking back eight years, this blog started out as a "web log" of links and interesting sites... but that's a role better served by now (which also appeared on the scene after 2002)...

So part of me thinks that I should just stop writing here (hence the "folding up the blog" post)... but the other part me thinks that I should write more here and get back to a "journal of thoughts" view of blogging.

Though I'm sure anyone's reading... but I always advise bloggers to write for themselves (in the sense of "writing for your own good and benefit" as opposed to "write as if you're your own audience" -- the latter might not make sense) so maybe I should take that advice and write more?

Anyway way I slice it, I think I need a new design. :)

By the way, Zemanta analyzes text and brings blogging to a level that borders on auto-blogging; let's see what they recommend based on a couple minutes of dashed-off thoughts here:
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That first one isn't quite NSFW but is a bit "frisky" for my taste. That last one is a good suggestion -- I've been consistently impressed with Garrick's writing (and thoughts in general) since I first encountered him on the Minnesota podcaster scene in 2005.
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