Post-Inception dreams

I survived last night without anything _too_ weird, though the rabid penguin was a nice touch.

For no particular reason other than entertainment, here's a summary of last night's dream:

Set in a house w/ elevator
Some sort of group event/tour going on
4th floor closed
Rooms more cluttered as dream went on
At end, a tour bus was going to take us to dinner at a town 15 minutes away rather than the usual "dinner on the train" that the group had been experiencing. I was sitting about halfway back on the driver's side. Can't remember the destination name but I knew it in the dream and it felt like it was down-river from Red Wing (maybe a mental corruption of Winona or Red Wing itself?)
Segment in a recycling yard (unrelated?) that felt like it was located near 280 and Como (on the west side, near the Goodwill?). Garbage trucks were backing up and pulling in; different people were around sorting construction debris off trailers. There was a pile of corrougated frosted fiberglass roofing there.
Two small bathrooms in the house; walked into the women's one at one point. It had original fixtures; men's had been remodeled. Next to each other and I noticed men's window placement was impossible; it was on an interior wall, not exterior.
First penguin sighting was when I was on/going to 2nd floor. Elevator doors opened and penguin was standing there. Looked at me panicked and shook its head like it didn't want to be captured. I felt sorry for it, stayed off the elevator, and sent it back downstairs.
At the end, as the penguins were trashing the house moor (the elevator had a water stain and exposed insulation along the bottom edge) one came up to me and bit me on the finger. Didn't really hurt and I was surprised it drew blood. At that point I was concerned it had rabies. (Yes, upon awakening I realized, "Wait a minute; birds don't get rabies!")


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