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Using "User Voice"?

Just heard about via Blackboard Inc. and am wondering if it's just for technology tools/sites or if its engine would make sense for other community-building activities? Need to look into it...

Some random reading

Watching a progress-bar march along and came across Arloa Sutter's blog -- some interesting reading here:


I'll admit I'm behind the curve on this one: I need to read up on PLNs. In 2005 I was trying to raise awareness of PLEs (Personal Learning Environments) as contrasted with LMSes (Learning Management Systems) which are more "instructor driven." Not many listened. It looks like the PLN is what happens when you expose your PLE among friendly like-minded people? Facebook as a Professional Learning Network (PLN) | Profesorbaker's Blog

What's "Active Learning"

Saw this posted on a faculty member's bulletin board -- the title implies that it would be an interesting read? "AAUP: Why "Active Learning" Can Be Perilous to the Profession"

The meaning of life...

I post this with full knowledge that it's an unfairly incomplete picture of academic life... But I was struck by this collection of dissertations, which represents thousands and thousands of hours of work. I know that work came to more than this, but when pictured this way it seems awfully empty.

On "A Perspective on iPad???s Impact on Your Mind"

I'm debating "multitasking fatigue" vs. "unitasking tunnel-vision" and need to read Steve's latest: