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The return of pharisaism

Rouse bends over backwards to insist he's not being legalistic, while being exactly that. Christ's name is tarnished far more often in very real ways by his self-professed followers insisting that obedience to Him is defined by "avoiding sin" than it is by a theoretical alcoholic seeing theoretical alcohol consumption and somehow blaming his alcohol issues on Jesus.  That doesn't happen. But misled seekers dismissing Christianity as a holier-than-thou country club of hypocrites who avoid "the appearance of sin" in public so that they look good (and then "exercise their freedom" in private)? That's what followers of Christ should be fighting today, not with mere words but with actions that demonstrate honesty, authenticity and integrity. A Caution For Every Christian That Drinks Alcohol | Nathan Rouse " The often overlooked sin that

Abortion rights

I disagree (because I have a "universal life ethic" and believe that a mature society should see that all humans have an intrinsic right to life), but I found a pretty good summary of the pro-choice position via a Facebook comment to a Dennis Prager video on James Armstead "Another problem I had was the collating and commingling of value and rights. Fetuses have value - even aborted ones, for research - but they don't have rights. See, rights begin where another's ends. That's pretty much the definition. Well, being inside another person doesn't afford the parasite any rights - there is too much co-mingling. Thus, we grant the mother all the rights, which she can extend to the fetus (and sue for damages if it is harmed) or deny (and thus abort)." 

Men's ministry growth?

"Women join stuff; man attend things."is Chris LoCurto right and, if so, what does that mean for men's ministry? How does this relate to the Man in the Mirror model? Chris LoCurto: Entrepreneur, Leadership Coach, LifePlan, Blogger (143: Savannah Flynn On Social Media): Facebook has 1.5 billion people actively on it. There are already 30 million business pages on Facebook. It has the most evenly distributed demographic, which means you're going to find almost as many 50-year olds on Facebook as you are 20-year olds. Social media is networking online. It just takes a little longer to build that rapport and to build that trust and the relationship. So what if your business could get .1% of those people interested in what you are doing? You've increased your reach in your customer base by a thousand times!! Today, on the show, we are talking about social