The return of pharisaism

Rouse bends over backwards to insist he's not being legalistic, while being exactly that. Christ's name is tarnished far more often in very real ways by his self-professed followers insisting that obedience to Him is defined by "avoiding sin" than it is by a theoretical alcoholic seeing theoretical alcohol consumption and somehow blaming his alcohol issues on Jesus.  That doesn't happen. But misled seekers dismissing Christianity as a holier-than-thou country club of hypocrites who avoid "the appearance of sin" in public so that they look good (and then "exercise their freedom" in private)? That's what followers of Christ should be fighting today, not with mere words but with actions that demonstrate honesty, authenticity and integrity.

A Caution For Every Christian That Drinks Alcohol | Nathan Rouse

"The often overlooked sin that is rearing its ugly head are Christians displaying their love and consumption of alcohol to those around them in public and on social media, when there are many around them that struggle with this temptation and addiction."


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