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Wired 14.08: Pinch My Ride

Unbelievable story here: Wired 14.08: Pinch My Ride . What I like is the attitude the insurance companies take: "We've been told that a piece of technology is perfect, so if you give us a story that requires our technology to have failed, we'll call you a liar." Yikes.

How to fly a flag?

An interesting article on the standard(s) for flying a flag at half-staff, at St. Paul Pioneer Press | 07/31/2006 | A flag at half-staff, but who died? . (I hate posting news articles, because that link is gonna be dead in a couple weeks... but if you're here, reading the lastest breaking news, it'll be there for you.) I remember as a kid that Dad was always pretty particular about our flags -- when to fly them, when to take them down, folding them in that neat triangle with the stars on top, making sure they didn't touch the ground. Probably a combination of his Boy Scout and Navy training?

More Police Misconduct

Kinda sad that, after a long break of blogging, this comes up and it's what I have to return with: - Local News - Cell Phone Picture Called Obstruction Of Justice

Celebrating Independence Day

On the eve of the United States' Independence Day, this seems like an appropriate article to post from . File it under "bad cops giving good cops a bad name". The subtle points of "wiretapping" law are interesting to ponder... but the entire case and the conduct of the officers involved is what's really telling.