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Wired 14.08: Pinch My Ride

Unbelievable story here: Wired 14.08: Pinch My Ride. What I like is the attitude the insurance companies take: "We've been told that a piece of technology is perfect, so if you give us a story that requires our technology to have failed, we'll call you a liar." Yikes.

How to fly a flag?

An interesting article on the standard(s) for flying a flag at half-staff, at St. Paul Pioneer Press | 07/31/2006 | A flag at half-staff, but who died?.

(I hate posting news articles, because that link is gonna be dead in a couple weeks... but if you're here, reading the lastest breaking news, it'll be there for you.)

I remember as a kid that Dad was always pretty particular about our flags -- when to fly them, when to take them down, folding them in that neat triangle with the stars on top, making sure they didn't touch the ground. Probably a combination of his Boy Scout and Navy training?

More Police Misconduct

Kinda sad that, after a long break of blogging, this comes up and it's what I have to return with: - Local News - Cell Phone Picture Called Obstruction Of Justice

Celebrating Independence Day

On the eve of the United States' Independence Day, this seems like an appropriate article to post from

File it under "bad cops giving good cops a bad name".

The subtle points of "wiretapping" law are interesting to ponder... but the entire case and the conduct of the officers involved is what's really telling.