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The strange, ongoing saga of Vahid Sedaghat

With a name like "Vahid Sedaghat"... well, it stands out when you see that in the paper. Twice in the past week I've come across it. And the very first time, I thought, "Ummmm.... I think I know who that is..." Back in my pre-blog days, I wrote up a response to a KMSP-TV news story on Vahid. My basic premise, which I still stand by, is that this guy was no angel but the news story wasn't very fair or informative. To repeat, I also stand by my "this guy was no angel" assessment.... Used-car salesman charged with fraud A Little Canada businessman also has been charged with receiving stolen property, in addition to theft. By PAT PHEIFER, Star Tribune Last update: February 13, 2008 - 9:53 PM A used-car salesman from Little Canada who allegedly sold defective vehicles to unwitting customers -- often immigrants with limited English proficiency -- has been charged with five counts of theft by swindle and one of receiving stolen property. Vahid Sedaghat, 5