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Bracing against the wind Did I already blog this? Well, if so, here it is again.
Introduction to Machinima- This looks really interesting! Film-making without actors or sets. Hmmm...
Conversive, Inc. Click the "AnswerAgent" button for another example of the technology -- though it's fairly useless on this particular site.
10 Big Myths about copyright explained Just bumbled across an interesting site about copyright...
Oddcast [V]Host Finally! This technology is reaching the masses!
Marcia Wieder, Motivational Speaker, Trainer & Author So, I bought "Doing Less and Having More" up at the library, and I'm about to return it. Kinda interesting; probably worth checking out again.
Bracing against the wind Found this link on Blogspot; seems interesting.
iMatte I've got to figure out how this thing works! Somehow, you attach this to your LCD projector and it masks out the image where you're standing, so you don't get blinding light in your face and a bunch of text appearing on top of your shirt. Hmmm... So You'd Like to... be a pseudo-intellectual? I like this person's perspective.
Lost America Night Photography I'm buying this guy's book the second it comes out!
Lilya 4-Ever (2003) This looks like an even better site to know -- a kind of meta-review site.
RLFF Films > Lilya 4-Ever Looks like an interesting film, but I have no idea how I'd go about seeing it... - Thinking of buying a Segway? Rent one - May. 16, 2003 Now I just have to figure out how to get myself to Spokane...
Einstein Archives Online This looks cool!
Dating a Blogger, Reading All About It There's a reason that you won't read much about my friends, family and co-workers here...
Head case: The Blue Man Group starts its first-ever rock tour I saw this and thought, "Wow, we have to go!" (I never made it down to see them when we were in NY in July 2001) But after listing to their "new and improved rock style", I'm thinking we'll skip it. Audio samples are in the right-hand column of this article.
BLAZERS: Cheeks Anthem Assist One of those great, touching stories. I can only hope I'd have Maurice's guts...
Elizabeth Hunnicutt Went to a Ginny Owens concert up at St. Thomas and saw Elizabeth Hunnicutt as a warmup. Since she mentioned her site, here it is...
Fried and Baked Carbohydrates Linked To Cancer In reading about Liquid Smoke (trying to figure out how to add flavor to grilling...) I across this page, which shows we're all going to die from everything that tastes good. - projects - commodore itx-64 This is absolutely unbelievable!
Coalition to Prevent the Destruction of Canada Geese Having just watched someone this afternoon run down a family of geese on Highway 13 -- he managed to kill only one of the gosslings outright but injured at least one more -- I figured this was an appropriate site.
Bush's "Christian" Blood Cult Here's a... "lively" article.