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St. Paul Pioneer Press | 08/27/2004 | 472 schools put on fix-it list : "Roseville Superintendent John Thein compared the list to a teacher ridiculing and shaming a student for getting four answers wrong on a 150-question test then publishing the results in the newspaper." I can move on from criticizing DMCA to criticizing NCLB.
The New York Times > International > Europe > A French Employee's Work Celebrates the Sloth Ethic : "Without the company's maneuver, Ms. Maier's book would probably have quietly gone out of print. Instead, her publisher, Editions Michalon, sold out the first printing of 4,000 copies and has ordered three successive reprints in the past three months: 15,000 copies have been printed so far..." I'm surprised at how few companies follow the typical "ignore it and it will go away" rule. / Comment & analysis / Columnists - James Boyle: The Apple of forbidden knowledge A good article on the concept of intellectual property and Apple's claim that Real unethically "hacked" the iPod. Note once again that this helps to explain what a horribly bad law the DMCA is!
Yahoo! News - Hacker Cracks Apple's Streaming Technology : This story mentions that the hacker's web site is "defiantly named 'So Sue Me'." I bet the author of the story has no idea that Apple's system sound "Sosumi" was so-named because the Beatles sued them for... get this! ...entering the music business! (See the Wikipedia article .)
Voluntary Simplicity Overview My life is far from "simple", but I suspect it's a lot more simple than others', and whatever simplicity I live is voluntary. Another SPAMmer ("Creaghan A. Harry") bites the dust!